Top 5 Cryptos In Green Except Embattled Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Suffering From Charlie’s Proclaimed Law Of Karma

Bitcoin Cash Fork

For sometimes now, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been witnessing continuous price increase, and experienced the highest value rise of the period reaching $638 USD before returning to $617 USD.

While the cryptocurrency space was bullish on this digital asset owing to the upcoming hard-fork, the law of Karma which Charlie Lee proclaimed on the cryptocurrency is now affecting it.

As at the time of writing, the top five cryptocurrency is witnessing a value rise save for Bitcoin Cash that has retarded by 2.8%, and now stays at $552 USD.

Charlie Lee commented: “Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is the real Bitcoin Cash. Karma’s a BCH.”

While Charlie Lee is talking about the upcoming hard fork, the longtime critic of Bitcoin Cash is referring to the decision of the Bitcoin Cash founders who also hard-forked from Bitcoin sometimes back.

To Charlie Lee, what is now happening to Bitcoin Cash at the moment is the Law of Karma which states that “As you sow, you shall reap.


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