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Too Late for Bitcoin to Soar, Is Ripple’s XRP not a Better Replacement?

Growth of Ripple XRP not Dissuading, it’s as Nascent as a New Business


Too Late for Bitcoin to Soar, Is Ripple’s XRP not a Better Replacement?

Ripple’s XRP –As Bitcoin (BTC) rose in popularity, other cryptocurrencies are growing in tandem with it. The coin had impressed investors when the value of the coin jumped from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars within months last year.

The success of this price increase had urged many investors on. They had thrown in funds to their favorite coins with intention of reaping immense profits within months. However, the crypto sphere is highly competitive and the tide seemed to have been left for the leading coin, Bitcoin (BTC). On the contrary, alt-coins such as Ripple’s XRP are giving BTC a run for its money.

The overall market perception is that Bitcoin (BTC) is literally going down the drain because much hadn’t been seen of it lately. Investors are already taking cue to plunge investments to viable crypto coins like Ripple (XRP).

Ripple is Making Waves

Many investors are optimistic of identifying the next Bitcoin from tons of cryptographic coins. The search had been informed with the limited show put up by Bitcoin. It seems too late for Bitcoin (BTC) to establish another milestone. Hence, investors’ disposition to finding another alternative to Bitcoin (BTC) is established. When located, the supposed coin will receive massive funding as many investors want to hitch rides to riches before the price of such coin spikes. The search perhaps has to be called off because a potential Bitcoin-in-the-making is already here.

Ripple’s XRP – The Dark Horse of Cryptocurrencies

Ripple’s XRP had often been regarded as the “next Bitcoin”. The assertion was informed by the coin’s dispositions to transactions and security. Ripple (XRP) had been invented to facilitate cross-border remittance. So far, it had done well to that regard and working products such as xRapid had deepened the coin’s throughputs.

Ripple’s XRP is unarguably, the dark horse in the crypto sphere. Investors had tipped the coin will do better after 2017 and that had been confirmed with numerous milestones Ripple (XRP) had achieved in 2018.

Bitcoin (BTC) had led the market for long but in the light of its diminishing returns, Ripple (XRP) stands better chance to fill its gap. Bitcoin (BTC) had been hoped to release landmark events this year but had failed to achieve much. The potential to a bull-run in the crypto sphere had been plunging.

Hunt for Viable Altcoin

As Bitcoin’s (BTC) expected boom plunges, the hunt for a viable alt-coin had been kicked off in earnest. Among leading contenders to unseat Bitcoin (BTC) is Ripple’s XRP. Even though the coin had been regarded as the “next big thing after Bitcoin”, the year 2018 had nailed the fact that XRP could indeed be the next cryptocurrency to take over the place of Bitcoin.

Events that Inched Ripple’s XRP Closer to Bitcoin

The crypto sphere had witnessed highs and lows in cryptographic trades. From hyped currencies to pump and dump schemes, many crypto coins had shown signs of increased value. Despite the bearish market, Ripple’s XRP had eye for detail and set about the task of releasing products to facilitate transactions. In addition, major partnerships had been forged with each having significant contributions to the coin’s value.

Apart from the Swell Event and launch of its cross-border payment tool, xRapid, Ripple (XRP) had other major events that fueled speculation of the coin taking over the first spot over Bitcoin.

First, it had broken the milestone in price of the coin. Ripple’s XRP had risen from a $1 price to over $3 in 2018. This had given room to speculations that the coin could clock the anticipated $10 mark before the end of 2018. Ripple (XRP) is getting close to that and even though the $10 benchmark may not be achieved this year, there is room for that possibility in the early months of 2019.

One other event that had sent shivers up the spine of Bitcoin apologetics is the literally overthrew of Ethereum (ETH). Ripple’s XRP had at two different bullish races, taken over the second spot of market capitalization from Ethereum (ETH). After the second power-game that had Ripple (XRP) clinching the second position, the coin is on consolidation. The interest is to shield off a possible take-over by Ethereum (ETH). In addition, XRP is consolidating towards taking over the first spot in few months.

Is Ripple XRP Better Replacement to Bitcoin?

Anything can happen at any time in the world of cryptocurrencies. The volatile nature of these coins makes their prediction impossible. Investors cannot predict Bitcoin’s (BTC) future but with falling prices of BTC, the searchlight for a better coin to Bitcoin (BTC) has kick-started.

Ripple’s XRP stands better chance because of its low dollar price sand cross-border transactions. The coin had been outstanding in every other aspect but there is a clog in its wheel of actually becoming the next Bitcoin.

Recent Weiss Rating had affirmed that Bitcoin (BTC) is more centralized than Ripple (XRP). This disposition will have negative impact on XRP’s jostle to take over Bitcoin’s place. Bitcoin (BTC) is a centralized cryptocurrency that is under the control of Chinese miners. Same cannot be said of Ripple’s XRP which is not used for consensus on its ledger. Despite this setback, Ripple (XRP) might still find a way around being the next shot in the crypto sphere.

Ripple (XRP) might Initiated Bullish Run

Gestures have been made that the end of 2018 will witness bullish race in crypto trades. Interestingly, Ripple’s XRP with its current standing can trigger that. This will perhaps the moment to affirm the coin’s readiness to usurp Bitcoin (BTC).

Oliver is an online publisher, managing various blogs through the years. He had contributed to multiple news portals in the US and the UK. His interest varies from Political Agendas to recent Technological advancements. He is now a full-time contributor to TODAY'S GAZETTE.

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