TokenPay (TPAY) Partners Multi Asset Crypto Wallet –Atomic Wallet

Tokenpay Atomic Wallet

TokenPay (TPAY) announced Tuesday it partnered with Multi Asset Crypto Wallet –Atomic Wallet. The partnership will make Atomic Wallet add TPAY to its iconic multi asset cryptocurrency wallet with its Atomic Swap intact.

Atomic swap is more or less a binding contract between two parties. When the first party receives a fund from the second party, it sends another coin to the later in return.

In the past, one of the party may go against the agreement, Atomic wallet has achieved a mutually-trusted third party for escrow purpose.

With this partnership, there is expectation that more crypto lovers will join the TokenPay ecosystem, there increasing the number of lovers for the cryptocurrency.

Atomic Wallet Is Key To Mass Adoption.

Late August when Atomic Wallet integrated Dash into their wallet, there was an uptick in the price of the cryptocurrency.

Atomic Wallet has gained credence in the cryptocurrency space in recent time. The platform focuses on developing a secure and user-friendly platform and it is one of those decentralized wallet with the potential to fuel mass adoption.

At present Atomic Wallet features more than 300 coins and tokens, despite being in beta testing, it has gained over 50,000 desktop downloads and more than 20,000 monthly active users.

TokenPay Is Performing

Unlike most cryptocurrencies with hypes, TokenPay stands out as a secure and anonymous currency. The platform recently declared that it has completed some series of digital asset acquisitions worth millions of dollars with TokenPay (TPAY).

At the same time, TokenPay is now considering buying TPAY in the market anytime from now.

Not long, TokenPay acquired a stake in German’s WEG Bank, and later transferred it to Litecoin after the two signed a deal to centered on bringing revolution to the cryptocurrency space.

All things being equal, TokenPay publicized that it will acquire another stake from the Germany based WEG bank.


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