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TokenPay (TPAY) Launches TokenDomains, Accepts BTC, LTC, BTC, XVG

TokenPay (TPAY) Launches On Europe’s ATM Network With Presence In Thousands Of Locations


TokenPay (TPAY) Launches TokenDomains, Accepts BTC, LTC, BTC, XVG

TokenPay (TPAY) has announced the launch of, a platform where crypto enthusiasts can purchase premium domain using cryptocurrencies like TokenPay (TPAY), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Verge (XVG).

The move is geared towards strengthening cryptocurrency adoption in the society, while also making it easy for people to choose from thousands of names available on the platform for their businesses.

The World Awaits TokenPay (TPAY)’s eFIN

The launch of eFIN will bring crypto adoption to mainstream since many a number of people have been seeking decentralised exchange for a very long time.

eFIN DEX, is one of the key expected innovation by TokenPay community. It is referenced as a true cross-chain Decentralized Exchange with a proprietary protocol built BlockSize.

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eFIN, according to TokenPay enables “Tor network driven private decentralized wallet-to-wallet trading between different blockchains”. The mighty revolutionary full trading platform is expected to launch this quarter one 2019.

TokenPay and Litecoin Partnership: Any News?

TokenPay has revealed that that a lots of things are being cooked regarding as regards the partnership with WEG Bank and Litecoin Foundation. According to an update by TokenPay (TPAY), lots of information would be dished out at the 2019 Litecoin Foundation.

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TokenPay Said on Twitter: “LOTS happening behind the scenes with our #crypto partnership with WEG Bank & the @LTCFoundation. We should have plenty of updates to share in time for the #LitecoinSummit2019. @DerekCapo will be presenting, like he did last September at the inaugural event. Exciting times ahead!”

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