TokenPay E-Commerce Merchant Platform Which Supports TPAY, XVG, LTC, BTC To Go Live In Q4


The news that the decentralized multi-currency crypto platform, TokenPay (TPAY) will be launching its e-commerce merchant platform this quarter has signaled that the firm’s push for mass crypto adoption around the globe is on the upside trend.

The decentralized firm which provides a banking platform that ease conversion of crypto to fiat yesterday declared the worthy news to the crypto world stating that platform will be supporting XVG, LTC, BTC, and TPAY when made available for use.

TokenPay further stated that massive payments volume is expected once the platform is out for use and several fiat cash out methods will be made available in its financial ecosystem.

TokenPay (TPAY) E-Commerce Merchant Platform Features

Previously in April, TokenPay, on its medium page announced that its Romanian development team led by Vlad Turtoi is working on the development of TokenPay merchant tools suite of products which includes the e-commerce platform.

TokenPay noted that despite that fact that the platform is designed relatively to PayPal, it core objective is privacy. The fascinating tale about the platform is that while granting anonymous secured and immediate transaction approval, most merchants are charged meager or zero fee.

TokenPay (TPAY) Bitcoin Romania Deal

Last month, Today’s Gazette reported that TokenPay (TPAY) signed a deal with a company which has ATM network available in myriads of locations across Europe, Bitcoin Romania.

The partnership which will give TokenPay access to launch all ATMs owned by Bitcoin Romania, will also help heighten the former’s goal, pushing for crypto mass adoption in Europe and beyond.


TokenPay on it twitter page noted that the partnership which has been misunderstood many goes beyond the acquisition of 10% of the company.

TokenPay (TPAY): October The Month Of TokenGaming

The present month await the launch of TokenGaming, the first crypto gambling white label solution which allows people to create their own gambling platform with meager cost, starting from 0.25 BTC.

Due to the gigantic developments which TokenPay lines of for Q4, crypto adoption around the globe should experience massive growth.


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