Three Things Required for Ripple (XRP) to Reach $10 Milestone

Ripple Xrp To Reach 10 Milestone

Ripple (XRP) to Reach $10 Milestone –The mystery surrounding Ripple (XRP) continues to deepen especially after Coinbase had distanced itself from supposed talks of integrating the coin on its exchange.

Ripple (XRP) had been on the lookout for ways to move itself into real-world and that was why it had greatly pushed Coinbase to accept it. When this did not materialized, it seemed to have found solace with providing payment services to other platforms.

It had started off the year at less than a dollar and is currently fluctuating between $4 and $5 USD. This exponential growth was contributed by its facilitated inputs in many payment scenarios.


Perhaps its integration to Coinbase could have been the push it needed to clock the $10 USD milestone before 2018 rounds off. The failure of this venture had necessitated other in-roads and there is high hope that the $10 milestone is still attainable before the year winds up.

VCTRADE Projects Ripple’s (XRP) Value

In the twilight of Coinbase refusal to shift grounds against its proposed move to retain Ripple (XRP) as a service; a move it placed in the stead of listing the coin on its exchange. Against this backdrop, Ripple (XRP) found favor in its long-time partner –SBI Holdings.

SBI Holdings, a Japanese financial company that had used Ripple (XRP) at certain points such as in its SBI Ripple Asia project where the coin was and its blockchain were used in cross-border transactions is at the helm to project Ripple (XRP) towards hitting its financial milestone.

The success of earlier projects prompted SBI Holdings to knock at the door or Ripple (XRP) once more; this time, offering it one of its most awaited expectations. The SBI Virtual Currency Exchange (VCTRADE) is one out of many tools that Ripple (XRP) can maneuver in cutting down hitches on its way to the $10 milestone.

The exchange, the first to be under the control of banks will help Ripple (XRP) in attaining faster trades and this in turn, increases the coin’s turnover and market value. SBI Holdings’ CEO had been expectant of a $10 Ripple (XRP) before 2019 and hopes its exchange; VCTRADE will help the coin to that end.

Pundits might be speculating the effect of this on the coin’s fortune but mention must be made that Japan, the home-country of SBI Holdings, the company behind the VCTRADE exchange is literally home to crypto traders.

At the moment, the country boasts of about 4 million cryptographic traders and this figure represents good financial fortunes for Ripple (XRP).

The icing atop Ripple’s (XRP) cake is its lone-standing and less competition at the moment on the exchange especially since the exchange waded off more currencies and chose to trade on Ripple (XRP) at the moment.

Thus, the coin would have enough inputs that would make the $10 figure child’s play as it might have more than that tucked away in its kitty before the end of 2018.

Ripple’s (XRP) Reduced Costs and Scalability will actually help

Another factor to be considered with respect to Ripple’s (XRP) benchmark of $10 USD is its scalability. Currently holding the third spot based on its market capitalization, the coin is not deterred but is currently swaying into the second position.


When placed in contrast to Bitcoin, it could be deuced that the coin has lower transaction fees. For instance, Bitcoin processes transactions at prices as high as $30 but Ripple (XRP) does same for a cent’s fraction. Traders would rather prefer dealing with Ripple (XRP) because of its low costs than staking their earnings on Bitcoin.

Ripple’s (XRP) throughput is another reason why its financial milestone for 2018 can be achieved. It hedges limited transactions by offering institutions and private investors opportunity of conducting transactions in real-time.

Leveraging its cross-border payment product, xCurrent, Ripple (XRP) allows financial institutions provide seamless transactions that are cryptographically-protected.

Businesses are actually looking for a platform that would scale transactions as opposed to day intervals recorded in fiat payments.

Ripple’s (XRP) ability to process about 2,000 transactions per second had endeared it to the hearts of many companies and its client base currently cuts across Bank of America and key companies such as MoneyGram and Western Union are not far away from the picture.

Ripple (XRP) to Reach $10 Milestone: xRapid Packs it All

The most important tool to Ripple’s (XRP) $10 benchmark is perhaps vested on xRapid. Ripple (XRP) had recently announced xRapid; a new product to join its line of products. xRapid is in consonance with Ripple’s (XRP) CEO’s permutation that more businesses would use the coin for payments.

xRapid is designed as cross-border payment that would help banks have transactions across countries. The product was tied to the XRP coin and the latter will be the needed connection that would scale transactions as opposed to lags recorded on the likes of VISA.

How does this feature in the picture of Ripple’s (XRP) financial growth? The XRP coin tied to xRapid was meant to increase the coin’s value because banks are in need of a system that would make transactions faster.

That system as embodied on xRapid will increase the fortunes of Ripple (XRP) because more transactions recorded on the product using the XRP coin culminates to shooting the coin’s market value to the sky and in turn help Ripple (XRP) nail the target milestone before the end of 2018.


While speculations are rife that Ripple (XRP) might be chasing shadows with its $10 roadmap, its impressive features such as scalability and low costs places the coin in better advantage.

Its product, xRapid will be vital towards the coin’s market value increment because cross-border payments would be conducted with the XRP coin.

Finally, Ripple’s (XRP) literal monopoly of the VCTRADE exchange hands down better prospects because it won’t be in competition with other currencies for the moment.


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