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This Trader Believes April Will Be The Last Month We Ever See Bitcoin At $3k


This Trader Believes April Will Be The Last Month We Ever See Bitcoin At $3k

Being the top and most valuable cryptocurrency at the moment, Bitcoin obviously gets more attention than most other cryptos in the market. T

hat’s despite the fact that it’s currently trading at values much lower than its most previous ATH (All-Time High) of close to $20,000 back in December 2017. The current value swings between $3,700 and $3,900, a roughly 80% drop in value.

However, that hasn’t kept some strong “believers” from accumulating at this low price. In that case, it’s clear that the bullish sentiment is still on amid the crypto’s struggle to break through the $4,200 resistance. In fact, there’s a serious trader who believes that after April (next month), Bitcoin will never fall to $3k again.

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The trader goes by the name “Galaxy,” and he doesn’t sound like he’s kidding about the future of Bitcoin.

BTC Price Trend

Galaxy’s opinion takes into account Bitcoin’s already established trend whereby the crypto spikes up to an ATH, goes through a decline and accumulation period, and eventually rises up to a new ATH.

In fact, that trend has been occurring for the last 10 years. With that noted, Galaxy opines that Bitcoin is about to embark on a major recovery journey within the next 2 months, and that April will be the last time the crypto ever trades at $3k or thereabout.

According to the trader, the top crypto is expected to start gaining major steam between the second and third quarter of 2019 (starting April).

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That prediction coincides with the period in which various financial and investment institutions are expected to venture into the crypto market, a move that will inject capital and more trading volumes into the market and ultimately drive up the prices.

Nick James is a cryptocurrency writer and editor with up to a decade in the finance world. He has written for Forbes, Cointelegraph, Ethereum World News, Independent Republic, Zycrypto and many others.

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