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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Theta Token (THETA), Gas (GAS), Pchain (PAI) Takes Lead As Market Turns Green

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Theta Token (THETA), Gas (GAS), Pchain (PAI) Takes Lead As Market Turns Green

Theta Token (THETA) –Gas (GAS) –Pchain (PAI) –Just like the stock market, cryptocurrency market is volatile with interchange of booms and depression, and variation in the value change of different coins in the market.

Even though the market is almost completely green, the coins on the table maintains different value alteration. According to Coinranking, as at the press time, Theta Token (THETA), Gas (GAS) and Pchain (PAI) are the leading cryptocurrencies in terms of value addition in the market today.

While the first ten coins on the table are just up by values below 5%, the three tokens added to their values colossally, standing imposingly ahead of others.

In the last 24 hours, Theta Token (THETA) takes the lead with 43.12%, Gas (GAS) succeeded it after rising by 28.00%, while Pchain (PAI) became the third highest gainer with 22.14%.

Reaching a high price of $0.1135 today after starting the last 24hrs with $0.0747, Theta Token (THETA) is presently priced $0.1049. The 24hrs starting value of the altcoin still remains its lowest value today.

In the last 24hrs, Gas (GAS) value has been moving towards the north gradually. After 28.00% value rise, Gas (GAS) is priced $6.15 against Dollars. With 24hrs starting value of $4.65 which is the altcoin’s lowest value, Gas (GAS) sprung up to $6.23 (it highest value of the day), before maintaining its present price.

Lastly Pchain (PAI), the leading native multichain system in the world that backs EVM, Pchain initiates the possibility large scale blockchain.

Supported by myriads of top-class companies in the Asian enclave, Pchain’s value has been up by 23.15% in the market. Pchain is presently valued $0.2743 against Dollar according to Coinranking.

No doubt, it is amongst the top gainers in the market, the altcoin has collection of beautiful projects in its road map.

Esme has years of experiences in online publishing and business affiliation. She started her career back in 2015 where she joined multiple news publications focusing on Global Warming, Business, and Marketing. Regarding personalities, Esme is the bubbliest. She loves hanging around with friends. She is now a full-time contributor at TODAY'S GAZETTE.

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