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Tedchain (TED): A Standard Zone For Enhancing The Fun Market.


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Tedchain (TED): A Standard Zone For Enhancing The Fun Market.

TedChain (TED) –Everyone simply sort a time to take a break after a long day of work. This is often one of the means we have often derived fun.

Tedchain (TED) has come to make the gaming Industry a better one for people to explore. Wow, this is exciting we now have a gaming system on blockchain in which we can all derive fun and also make money through gaming.

About The Amazing Platform

Everyone wants a place where they have access to quality games, and this is exactly what Tedchain wants to offer everyone that chooses to utilize their platform. This system is built upon the digital tech to uniquely handle sporting operations with the use of the ledger currencies and highly intelligent smart agreement contracts.

It plans to bring about the innovation of its own unique play-game whose marketing will draw many users to the operative-platform. The new concept proposed by this project will be able to stand alone and at the same time grant distributors enough exposure freely to consumers.

The Awesome Agenda Of Tedchain (TED)

It so important we all know the goal and focus of Tedchain (TED). This awesome platform aims to provide quality for the game players across the world and it is also dedicated to the further development and upgrading of its great platform continually. Isn’t this awesome? Yes it is.

Tedchain (TED provides the public with quality entertaining game contents which connects the real world of users and sport lovers. It has also created a means by which sports can be publicized from hired developers to make sure that users are presented with more than enough quality play game to play.

Are you excited to know that Tedchain(TED) has a gaming Eco-system which represents a fully organised system for the interaction of players in the community? It allows them to participate in various tournaments, or play their own desired play-games. It helps various advertisers, developers and publishers to gain full access to a large population of play-game consumers and make them relevant in the emerging market.

The Beauty Of Ted Play Store

This is a standard portal designed by Tedchain (TED) which gives users’ access to the game application in the ecosystem. This portal provides users with a suitable user interface for easy usage just like the way we have the google-store and Apple-store. The TED play store presents available dapps in various categories and allows users to be able to launch any of the apps as soon as the launch button is clicked.

It was designed to provide users with a remarkable experience as they make use of it for safe transactions that is achievable in a short period of time. The Dapp store provided by this network is going to provide not just the same type of interface as that of the leading systems in the fun market but a superior one that will serves the interest of users. Meanwhile sport creators are provided with a medium to distribute and share their new apps with the members through the availability of TED play store that is superior to that of the other existing network.

The Tedchain (TED) Token Information

The workings of this platform will be incomplete without the use of the TED utility token. This token is what completes the ecosystem as the entire platform is built around it for effective functioning. The TED utility token serves as the major in-game means of payment in the ecosystem for all types of games played within the gaming network.

It is possible for users to make use of one means of payment across all types of games-played in the eco-system and it is also possible for users to utilize the token. Asides this, users are satisfied with a reward system which makes the eco-system more desirable and gainful to them as they enjoy being entertained.

The Team Behind This Awesome Platform

Tedchain (TED) came into existence through the effective intellectual contributions of likeminded people from different fields. They all contributed to the creation of this project through the knowledge they have acquired in their respective fields.

Kevin Maney is the leader of the project and he is assisted by Seward Herman who happens to be the marketing manager. In addition, there is a Business analyst which is the person of Harry Newton. Roy Laberge is the Game programmer and he is also the level designer and some other team members that contributed greatly to the creation of Tedchain (TED).


Tedchain (TED) will pay players as they participate in the ecosystem through its token and through its well defined blockchain technology, the gaming market will be reformed to a better one soon.

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