Stratis (STRAT) Partners UK’s Fastest Growing Online Pharmacy, UK Meds

Stratis Partners Uk Meds

Stratis (STRAT) has indicated that it just sealed a partnership deal with UK’s fastest growing online pharmacy store, UK Meds. At the moment, UK Meds is respected for the services it renders in the pharmaceutical industry.

UK Meds after the partnership will deploy Stratis’ state of the art blockchain network to heighten patient safety across online pharmacy sector in general, thereby reducing the incessant occurrences of patients ordering multiple prescriptions.

The online pharmacy has voluminous orders per day. It attends to patients between 3,000 and 4,000 daily.

With Stratis’ (STRAT) prowess, requested prescriptions are to be logged on an incontrovertible and shared disturbed ledger all over a network of UK online pharmacies.

The innovation will makes sure patients are given the opportunity to seek prescribed quantities of medication. Pharmacies and doctors will also have the advantage to cross check and confirm patients given an exclusive identifier linked to each individual.

Any past request for medication are easily referenced, checked and confirm via Stratis’ provided blockchain technology, thereby making sure patients are served necessary dose. Beyond pharmaceutical, Stratis (STRAT) network will be used to perfect UK Meds’ supply chain system.

UK Meds CEO, Joe Soiza, who spoke on the partnership was elated on Stratis’ (STRAT) technology integration.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Stratis, Chris Trew, stated that this adoption is unique in every sense, adding that traditional IT cannot solve problems the way blockchain will.


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