Stellar (XLM) Distributes 1.62M Lumen In Recently Concluded Challenge

Stellar Build Challenge

Stellar (XLM) has announced yesterday that the 7th Stellar (XLM) Build Challenge has formally concluded, and the result has been unveiled.

During the challenge, Stellar received 107 submissions, with feed backs from the community flowing as at when due.

The reason for the challenge, which was to return collaboration within the community back into Stellar’s ecosystem was actually fulfilled.

Developers who participated in the challenge received myriads of feed backs from the community, and they implemented them in a twinkle of an eye.

Of the 107 Participants, 53 Celebrated

Stellar made known that of the 107 submissions received, 53 participants would be celebrated with rewards, meaning, nothing less than 1.62M lumens are to be shared among the challenge’s final winners, finalists, semi-finalists, and honorable mention and participation categories.

In the same vein, nothing less than 1.9M lumens will be earmarked via a new support initiative. This is to speed up the development and growth of the projects and apps that will see to the growth of the ecosystem.  Also, community members who provided feedbacks will also receive exceptional recognitions.

The overall winners will be given 150,000 XLM (over $30,000) each, and the finalists will receive 125,000 XLM (Over $25,000).

The semi-finalists receives 70,000 XLM (0ver $14,000) and honorable mentions gets 35,000 XLM (around $7,000). However, other participants will be compensated as well.

Meet The Winners


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Elucidsoft’s dotnet-stellar-sdk

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