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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Status (SNT): A Mobile Wallet Solidifying Ethereum’s (ETH) Imprints



Status (SNT): A Mobile Wallet Solidifying Ethereum’s (ETH) Imprints

Status (SNT) -Decentralized applications especially those built on blockchain are popular for their storage. Aside using distributed database for data storage, there is also wallet to hold funds. Cryptographic currencies are basically stored in digital wallets.

There is however an undertone to this. You can trade or make digital purchase with your cryptographic currency expect you use your digital wallet. Unlike traditional funds transfer, these wallets are not mobile. None of them has found its way into mobile devices.

Status is perhaps the first blockchain platform to bring on mobile wallets as replacement to digital wallets.

What Is The Status (SNT) Here?

At the moment, Status is making headlines in major digital platforms. That is not where its status stops. Presently, it seems many coins are in the red, surprisingly, Status is in the green for obvious reasons. About three months ago, Status was doing favorably well. It gained momentum haven surpassed the USD consecutively within a 14-day period. In news, Status is solidifying Ethereum’s imprints.

Do We Have A Decentralized Operating System On Our Hands?

That’s right! Status is invariably the first decentralized operating system to run on mobile devices. How joyful it’ll be for you to trade your cryptographic currency with your smart phone. With Status, the possibility is assured.

Status OS uses lighter client nodes on Ethereum in bringing its wallet to devices. It is important to note this: the operating system issued by Status is specifically for Ethereum wallet, though there might be avenues for other coins. The idea is to create a mobile application and pack Ethereum’s applications into the app. These applications will include Ethereum DApps and wallet.

Status (SNT) – Operating System With Trinity

It won’t be proper narrowing down Status’ scope to wallets. Though Status converts Ethereum wallet and other decentralized apps into mobile applications running on a specified operating system, it is not just about Ethereum wallets.

Status is a trinity. It supports Ethereum wallets and there are additions of decentralized browser and messenger. Status is all you might have ever wished to see on Ethereum and has all you might want in a mobile Ethereum application.

Mobilizing A Littered Market

Decentralized platforms such as Ethereum and other chain platforms have one unifier – DApps creation. Unlike traditional environment that suppresses developers, the blockchain empowers developers to create DApps of their choice and monetize them. This great opportunity was literally abused.

As multiple blockchain platforms were developed, more DApps came into view. There are different developers on each of these platforms and each of these developers creates DApps of his choice. It is therefore possible to find over hundred DApps in one platform.

Status is solving this problem. Through its mobile application and concentration on Ethereum blockchain, Status will bring all DApps under the Ethereum network to one place. Just like centralized distribution platforms such as Google’s Play Store, Status gathers available DApps created using the Ethereum network into a marketplace.

You might have heard of a popular DApps created on Ethereum and have being on its lookout. There’s little possibility of looking for it because there are hundreds of such in the system. With Status these DApps are mobilized into a marketplace. You can easily find the DApp you’re looking for through this means.

Creating applications is also possible. Status has a Sticker Market that allows you create stickers and probably other applications and monetize. Another impressive feature of Status mobile wallet is the Status Teller Network (STN).

Status Teller Network was created as a DApp inside the mobile app offered by the platform. If you have been looking for ways to purchase cryptographic currencies with fiat, STN is for you. STN notifies its users of available stakeholders that will accept fiat payment in exchange for digital currencies. Status Teller Network is a great way of narrowing down cryptographic trades to fiat scenarios.

Revolution In Social Networking

Remember that Status is not just a mobile wallet that lets you trade favorite cryptographic currencies from your smart phone, Status offers you decentralized messenger/chat app and browsers. This is a call to revolution especially for social networks.

Traditional social networks such as Facebook operate Legacy Design. The masked idea is to take powers from you and return same to other stakeholders. You should actually be in charge of your social network and calling the shots there. Sadly, the reversal is the case.

These social networks utilize your information without your express permission. Interestingly, they trade your information/data to willing investors. What is obtainable is delimitation of users’ powers and issuing same to advertisers and owners. Owners of these networks collate your data and sell to advertisers while you’re left at crossroads.

With its messenger, Status is bringing changes to these. Status’ users have full control over their data and can choose whom to share it with. Equally, the messenger features a social network offer might just be robust than the traditional.

Uniform Mobility

Status can best be described as a mobile app with uniformity. It brings Ethereum digital wallets as apps. You can easily trade your cryptographic currency same way you do justice to your fiat currency.

Aside this great aspect, Status integrates decentralized applications and messenger to coordinate your activities for on-chain and off-chain activities. More remarkably is the fact that you can develop decentralized applications from your smart phone. The next time you want to know the status of coins in the market, Status is there to show you what’s actually in the status you’re looking for.

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