Powerful Marketplace Simdaq (SMQ) Launches On Waves (WAVES) Platform

Simdaq Launches On Waves (WAVES) Platform

Waves (WAVES) Platform has informed that Simdaq, a powerful market place and ecosystem based on Waves token, is launching today.

The platform has been listed on Tidex, the platform that birthed the idea of seamless trading of numerous crypto assets. There, Simdaq (SMQ) is generating an enormous amount of trading volume.

With growing cryptocurrency community, and crypto virus spreading from far and wide, different platforms are bringing in diverse solutions to cryptocurrency problems. While many do not fully their promised solution, Simdaq is a bringing in perspectives to all traders in the cryptocurrency space.

Brief About is Simdaq

With three modules, Simdaq as a cryptocurrency trading platform stands out. Among its module is that provides a state of the art trading course for crypto lovers. This will make newbies in the crypto space get acquainted with trading and observation of the crypto space.

The courses sensitizes and give basic knowledge of the cryptocurrency market to beginners.

The second module is that it has a trading simulator dependent on real data acquired historically.

The third module is that through Simdaq, you can create trading robots, and at the same time automate and design personal trading style.

How Is Simdaq (SMQ) Beneficial?

The development and democratization of cryptocurrency trading now lies on Simdaq. At the moment, the first two modules are now available for use, the third will come in anytime soon, however, you can add to your SMQ tokens, which is the major crypto used on the trading platform are the main currency on the platform.

However, many ways exists, one of the ways to top-up your SMQ wallet is through Waves payments.

The SMQ tokens grants users permission to use some features especially during simulations.

What Simdaq Aims To Achieve

After understanding happenings in the cryptocurrency space, especially on how exchanges affects crypto adoption and trading.

To correct this, Simdaq proffers a quick, and easy fund deposits, while taking security as a matter of concern. The platform uses fair prices for trading, and achieve executions instantly.


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