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September 2018 Opened Neo To Myriads Of Developments

NEO Smart Economy


September 2018 Opened Neo To Myriads Of Developments

September appeared to have opened Neo to myriads of developments. In the NEO Global Development Monthly Report for the month of September, several developments which placed the cryptocurrency ahead of its counterparts were showcased.

In this article, those developments are highlighted:

NEO-CLI 2.9.0 and Akka framework

In September, NEO released NEO and NEO-CLI 2.9.0, with Akka framework as its most remarkable feature.

The framework solves the problem of traditional object-oriented programming and highly concurrent distributed system with the help of Actor model.


Owing to the demand of the developers designing decentralized applications (dApps) on NEO network, NGD has designed and developed CNEO and CGAS, two distinct contract assets that achieves the mapping of NEO and GAS, two global assets, to NEP-5 smart contract equivalents.

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The two were innovated for the fact that the NEO’s UTXO assets (NEO and GAS) cannot be easily deployed by smart contracts.

NEO Vulnerability Bounty And NEO Creative Design Competition

The NEO Vulnerability Bounty program was announced in September to make NEO network secured.

While the NEO Creative Design Competition also announced towards the end of September, calling on community to design website and icon that are centered on upholding the NEO’s philosophy of “Smart Economy”.

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New Members Added To NEO Team

NEO has added around 10 members to its team to better fortify the ecosystem with unmatched development.

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