Seedit And HummingPay: A Dual Inspiring Tool For Tron (TRX) In the Payment Sector

Seedit Hummingpay Trontrx

Yes Cryptocurrency has come to stay and nobody can argue it even though it faces some glitches.

At the moment most blockchain projects in the Fintech industry are thinking beyond the box, offering beyond using their token to store values. Cryptocurrencies are creating undoubtable solutions that make the world a better place for people to live, thereafter, survival in the crypto jungle turns to tug of war.

Not just to live for survival but maintain the champions sit, Tron (TRX), one of the contesting parties in the jungle designed its armory with six different types of artilleries –Tron 6 transformative DApp.

Although Tron has got some other firearms, like the Tron Virtual Machine, BitTorrent and more, but this article is directed toward 2 of the altcoin’s DApps.

Tron (TRX) Disrupting The Payment Sector With Seedit And HummingPay

With technology, the remittance sector is a fast growing zone that witnesses usage almost every minute of the day, making FinTech tools one of the most profitable and most used drive in the world.

Tron edged into this sector with two major effective and efficient technology that has begun disrupting the Fintech industry and will soon rule it.

Seedit – Payment protocol championing the decentralized world.

Seedit is a fast, seamless, secure and multiplatform payment protocol returning autonomy to content creators across the globe. Built on Tron Blockchain, Seedit was deployed on social media websites like Twitter, telegram and Reddit, among others, to help expedite remittance activities across the globe with TRX and at the same time enhancing the adoption of the token.

The idea placed artist and other content creators in euphoria as Seedit makes them have firsthand access to the fruit of their labour, making their activities better enhanced.

Seedit Makes 26K Transaction Amounting To 5M TRM

It was recorded that the payment protocol which was first launched on Telegram ushered 26k transactions amounting to about 5M TRX within a month.

Similarly, within a week launch on Twitter, over 50K transaction were performed through it. No doubt, Seedit has heightened the adoption of TRX overtime, and it is still doing so.

HummingPay – Solves Transfer Problems

As an addition to handing people freedom, a decentralized payment network that solves countless of Transfer problems was built on Tron network. HummingPay is a platform designed to incorporate secure, fast and cheap payment solution for businesses and personalities.

Born to make users experience the beauty of digital assets payment, HummingPay’s existence transforms the preexisting archaic methods of transmitting fund across the globe. The payment provider makes remittance activities a piece of cake.


With the rate at which businesses are done internationally across the world between familiar and unfamiliar businesses and individuals, the dual payment protocol initiated by Tron will undoubtedly make the blockchain technology rise to the pinnacle in the transfer world with no other matching power.


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