SBTG and VeChain (VEN) Partner On Shoe Of the Future

SBTG and VeChain (VEN) Partners On Shoe Of the Future

VeChain (VEN) has announced that it is partnering with well-known Singapore sneaker artist SBTG (Short for SABOTAGE) on “Shoe of the Future” idea conceived by the two firms.

According to VeChain, at the Street Superior event which holds October 26–28th, the blockchain company will be showcased alongside SBTG in what they called an initial limited edition of sneakers integrating smart chips and blockchain technology.

The innovation will make it easy for consumers to verify the Proof of Origin and Authenticity of SBTG shoe lines.

For the fact that VeChain is the only technology partner for the Street Superior brand showcasing,  the platform will be the cynosure of all eyes at the event with SBTH’s products made in the past 15 years showcased throughout.

SBTG and VeChain (VEN) Partners On Shoe Of the Future

Interestingly “20 different pairs of shoes will be staggered” but the final shoe will be “SBTG x VECHAIN” collection dubbed the shoe of the future.

The partnership shows how the blockchain authenticity solution can be used to authenticate the originality of collectibles and goods.

VeChain Gains Awareness With SBTG

The two partners believe making awareness for VeChain’s anti-counterfeit tools and blockchain in general is a necessity. The showcase will bring VeChain before movers and shakers in the sneaker industry and other collectible industries throughout Singapore and beyond.

Partnering with SBTG, gives VeChain the opportunity to have their logo placed on associated sneaker labels, thereby giving the blockchain firm more awareness.

VeChain (VEN) Fights Counterfeit Products

VeChain has been fighting counterfeit products for some time now. Not long, it launched an anti-counterfeit tool to trap drug scam in China and beyond. Through its ongoing effort to reduce fake products in the society, the blockchain firm has launched another product for the liquor industry purposely to reduce product counterfeiting in the arena as well.

Many analysts have argued on several occasions that VeChain (VEN) is poised to disrupt the IoT world completely. As it looks now, it seems the firm is not ready to give it to IOTA any moment.


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