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Royal Mint Denies Having Relationship with Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies

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Royal Mint Denies Having Relationship with Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies

Royal Mint, a United Kingdom’s coins manufacturing firm with over 1000 years of existence has denied having any involvement in whatever has to do with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Replying to an enquiry, after Cointelegraph published a release accrediting it to Royal Mint where the news publication stated that coin manufacturer is involved in a cryptocurrency project, Royal Mint stated in the response that it is not involved in any form of cryptocurrency.

The response, which is credited to the Royal Mint’s Press Office reads:

“Thanks for Getting in touch.

The Royal Mint is not developing cryptocurrency in isolation or with any other organisations.

We have had no involvement whatsoever in this press release.”

Earlier today, Cointelegraph and some other publications quoted a press release shared with them, announcing that the UK-owned firm is offering its maiden cryptocurrency custodial services.

In the press release, Royal Mint is collaborating to launch a cryptocurrency branded Temtum (TEM), a digital asset expected to be launched on July 17.

According to the release, Royal Mint is to serve as crypto custodian for currency reserve and Temtum genesis private keys, however, the authentic private keys are to be kept in the Royal Mint vault till eternity.

What is not clear in the release is that Royal Mint was quoted to have broken the news by declaring “the launch of gold-backed coin Royal Mint Gold” earlier in January, but it was allegedly obstructed from doing so, owing to “a veto by the government”.

Temtum (TEM) has not cleared the air on the alleged statement by Royal Mint, especially now that its launch is 3 days closer.

Cryptocurrency Faces Hard Criticism across the Globe.

As cryptocurrency attempts to encircle the whole world, governments who perceive the idea as anti-status quo are trying hard to kill the joy of the adherents of the idea.

Donald J. Trump, the president of the US recently commented on Bitcoin and Libra, calling the two excessively volatile products that cannot serve as real currency.

With the increasing outrage on the comment of Donald J. Trump on Bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra, analysts are weighing in on the effect of the statement.

While some are of the opinion that it will create a save landing for Bitcoin, not many believe the series of comments targeted at killing everything crypto has a positive effect for the cryptocurrency world at large.

The series of missiles fired by Trumps on Twitter against Bitcoin indicate that governments and central banks are receiving torrential punches from cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

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