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Romanian BMW and Opel Authorized Car Dealer Adopts Bitcoin

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Romanian BMW and Opel Authorized Car Dealer Adopts Bitcoin

A major European car dealer The West Oradea Group, specialized in BMW and Opel cars has adopted Bitcoin as a means of payment for its goods and services. The car dealership which is one of the largest in Europe announced this in a press release, a local news outlet reports.

The payment with Bitcoin is made possible through a collaboration between The West Oradea Group and local payment processor Netopia through its mobile payment app, Mobilepay.

According to West Oradea Group manager Székely Adam, the company has been aware of cryptocurrency since 2015 and has followed the progress steadily up to this moment and now offers its customers to option to pay for their goods and services with the top cryyptocurrency Bitcoin.

“In 2015 we found out about Bitcoin and Blockchain. I was amazed at the simplicity and confidence generated by this new ecosystem, “ she said.

She also added that the addition of Bitcoin as a means of payment gives customers a wider range of options to make the process of payment easier as Bitcoin payments are much easier to make than other traditional methods, stressing that Bitcoin has become more popular in Romania and so including it as a payment option was a way of appealing to the interest of customers.

“I know that in Romania the Crypto community has grown considerably in recent years. More and more are talking about Bitcoin, a sign that there is interest. We have decided to offer the Bitcoin payment option for our products in the desire to meet customer demands.”

Bitcoin finds a place in Romania

According to reports, there are currently hundreds of Bitcoin ATMs in Romania as well as mining farms. There are also already 4o merchants who accept various cryptocurrencies for payments.

This points to why the West Oradea Group has just joined the camp as the popularity of cryptocurrency continues to rise in the country.

Not only in Romania but all over the world, cryptocurrencies are being accepted for use in different sectors such as payment of salaries, booking of flights and several other uses.

The method of payment is also becoming easier as payments can be made from mobile devices from any part of the world with no restrictions at all, compared to traditional payments which include so much fees and other restrictions.

More adoption expected

It is also expected that more merchants will start accepting cryptocurrencies for payments as governments continue to place restrictions on trade in some countries such as Venezuela which has already turned to cryptocurrency as its major means of transaction since its local currency the Bolivar lost value completely.


The West Oradea Group apart from selling BMW and Opel cars also sells vans, motorcycles and other accessories with warranty and financing solutions.

As a trusted major dealer in Europe, its adoption of Bitcoin could be potentially huge as this could open the door to maybe thousands who could not patronize them before, thus increasing the use case for Bitcoin and thus adoption.

With this rate of adoption, Bitcoin may be on its way to becoming a major mainstream currency in no distant time.

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