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Ripple’s XRP investors Exhibit their anticipations for Significant Bull Run of XRP’s Price

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Ripple’s XRP investors Exhibit their anticipations for Significant Bull Run of XRP’s Price

  • We (investors) all want the price of XRP to go up
  • nobody owes us anything, we decided to take the risk on our accord
  • Ripple’s XRP employees will keep distance if pressure mounted on them persist

The cryptocurrency market is at the moment on the downward trend with all first 30 cryptocurrencies in red. Nevertheless, Ripple’s XRP investors have begun roaring out their anticipations for significant XRP bull run in the crypto market.

XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap is trading at $0.298 against US dollars at the time of writing. The fact that the digital currency has not experienced a notable price surge since the beginning of 2019 seems to be giving its investors concern as to why their investment has not yielded expected returns.

A twitteratti, Kieran Kelly, who can be identified as a Ripple’s XRP enthusiast, took to his page to lament on negative effect of the pressure being mounted on Ripple employees for XRP price surge.

While leaving a note of praise for Ripple’s workers by ranking them best in user-base interaction, Kelly stressed that persistent pressure could keep the employees further away from the anticipating investors.

He however concluded by saying he also want Ripple’s XRP price to go bullish.

A user identified as Voe Jella on twitter also vented his discontentment about the attitude displayed by some users as he claimed that Ripple’s XRP employees have done their bit in answering some of users’ questions.

An investor who seems so

bothered about growth rate of XRP in the market clearly stated that he can’t take the risk to buy more Ripple’s XRP for the next one year.

A presumed but satisfied XRP investor lashed out at people that think crypto market goes bullish every now and then as he tagged them ‘delusional’, stressing that David Schwartz, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer and Bob Way, a former Ripple veteran are the most transparent crypto experts in the cryptocurrency space and their perseverance in answering many negative tweets is commendable.

Later, a remarkable response surfaced from a user identified as Dsavino on twitter.  He stated that Ripple’s XRP employee or management owe them (investors) nothing as the investment risk was decided and taken by them.

In conclusion, investment, business and risk are interwoven, and the crypto market is still struggling to regain its balance from the obvious price plummet of 2018 that affected almost all the major digital currencies.

Moreover, Ripple’s XRP stood out when almost all cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC) significantly dropped price during Tether-Bitfinex scandal. So Ripple’s XRP anticipating investors should wait patiently for the next Bull Run.

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