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Ripple’s Key Executives, Over 11,000 Others, Bring Crypto Adoption To Money20/20 USA

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Ripple’s Key Executives, Over 11,000 Others, Bring Crypto Adoption To Money20/20 USA

This year’s Money20/20 USA will feature key Ripple (XRP) executives. Together with others present, they will be talking on the ways to improve global payments using cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

They will also be looking at ways these technologies can add to consumers and businesses across the globe.

A release by Ripple indicated that the Executive Chairman and Co-founder Chris Larsen, Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz, SVP of Business and Corporate Development Kahina Van Dyke and SVP of Product Asheesh Birla will all feature in one or two sections at the programme.

Ripple’s Key Executives, Over 11,000 Others, Bring Crypto Adoption To Money20/20 USA

The executives, and more than 11,000 attendees with some business leaders, and C-suite executives from more than 100 countries will all gather at this FinTech industry event.

On Monday 22nd of October, David Schwartz will take part in an “Oxford-style debate” moderated by Tony Hayes.

The CTO will debate blockchain’s advantages while his opponent, Esther Pigg, the SVP of Product Strategy at FIS Payments, will stand in defence of financial industry’s traditional means of global payments.

However, Kahina Van Dyke will feature during the exclusive Money20/20 Rise Up program. He is regarded as a powerhouse speaker for the inaugural Rise Up class where he will be talking about negotiation fundamentals and how it has to do with leadership.

Also, Asheesh Birla will feature on Tuesday October 23rd in a panel discussion about blockchain’s influence on the cross-border payments industry.

Birla will also be on stage with Victoria Liu Edison, the Chief Compliance Officer for Americas at Ant Financial, the Head of New Technologies at Wells Fargo Dan Vogt and dLocal’s Co-Founder and CEO Sebastian Kanovich.

Meanwhile, Chris Larsen will on Wednesday October 24th take part in a chat where she’ll talk about the importance of digital assets in cross-border remittance economy.

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