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Ripple’s CTO Called Out for Wasting Knowledge on a “Scam Project”

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Ripple’s CTO Called Out for Wasting Knowledge on a “Scam Project”

Ripple Inc.’s chief technician David Schwartz has been advised to stop working day and night on a “scam project”.

The call out  came after Schwartz responded to a condemnation about Facebook’s Libra, on the social media giant’s decision to drop Bitcoin to design its own digital currency owing to allegations that BTC is not scalable enough.

David Schwartz, who remains an important employee of Ripple and one of the strong designers and initiators of XRP ledger technology, was accused of using his extensive knowledge to promote an alleged scam crypto project –XRP.

The accuser, by the name Vandelay, posited that David would have been more helpful working on Bitcoin rather than XRP, which maximalists see as a “waste of energy” and a “scam project”.

Calling David a smart man, the Bitcoin-centric Vandelay, questioned David on why he chose to work for Ripple and decided to not join the leading technology that is inevitably becoming the “money standard”.

Ripple’s CTO Responded

Replying to the statement, David Schwartz asked if the questioner has looked deeply at the technology behind the XRP Ledger and Interledger, adding that he fell in love with XRP because he does not want to waste his time working around inferior core technology initiated by people who hope to sit back and get rich from the work of others.

The CTO said scammers are those telling the crypto twitter that there’s a short cut to wealth and success without building.

Ripple Dumping Billions on XRP Holders, Another Alleges

Another commenter alleged Ripple of dumping billions of XRP on holders, resulting in the price of the digital currency falling in the market steadily.

The commenter by the name Sara who brought the case of MoneyGram, whose share price doubled after partnering with Ripple, inferring that there’s instant way to wealth for Ripple, but investors are losing.

Responding, David also enjoined the commenter to look into the tech behind XRP Ledger, interledger and other innovation that Ripple is building, employing Sara to understand XRPL’s consensus process.

David Schwartz ended by saying Ripple is going to focus on building great things.

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