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Ripple XRP Price is At the Point Where It Can Go Really Well or Bad – Analyst Explains

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Ripple XRP Price is At the Point Where It Can Go Really Well or Bad – Analyst Explains

  • Analyst compares the analytical charts of December 2017 and now, hinted a bullish or bearish XRP
  • Another analyst remains resolute that Ripple XRP will hit $7 by 1st July 2019

Ripple XRP has just surpassed $0.4 mark. The top cryptocurrencies seem to be getting ready to also soar as Bitcoin (BTC) recently broke $8,000 resistance level and surging further above. A crypto analyst recently envisaged that XRP is at the point “where it can really go well or bad”.

Market price stagnation has not been limited to Ripple’s XRP. Almost all the top digital currencies including Bitcoin have experienced sluggish price growth.

However, Litecoin (LTC), the 4th largest cryptocurrency has recently displayed indispensable price upward trend, as it keeps breaking resistance levels, surging towards $150.

A host of analysts had predicted bullish price trend for Ripple XRP. A particular XRP-centric analyst is still very resolute about his XRP price forecast. He continues to strike his voice that the digital currency will hit $7 by 1st July 2019.

Nobody knows the root behind his prediction. Some crypto analysts like David Gokhshtein have tried to mute him from forecasting such an outrageous price, giving to the very short interval stipulated, but he keeps maintaining his stand.

Considering the high price volatility of cryptocurrencies in the market, anything is possible. Bitcoin’s obvious dominance could also be a factor to consider before making a bullish prediction for altcoins.

Peter J. Zacharias‏ Claims Ripple XRP Price Could either Rise or Fall

Peter J. Zacharias, a cryptocurrency analyst and investors has recently shared his thought in regards to where Ripple XRP price is heading.

Zacharias averred that XRP price has got to the point where the best or worse could be expected. He deduced his sentiment from the 4h charts he captioned.

The charts represent XRP price movement in December 2017 and now. He collaged the identical charts, hinting that history could repeat itself.

“We’re exactly at the point where it can go really well now or really bad. Left one is the 4h pattern on XRP from Dec 2017 when it first shot up and the imagine on the right is taken now also on XRP 4h chart. Almost identical.”

Ripple XRP Situation in the Market

The cryptocurrency market is presently on the green indication. Bitcoin (BTC) is presently heading further above $8,200, and every crypto pundit knows that the welfare of Bitcoin determines the wellbeing of other digital currencies.

At press time, Ripple XRP is trading at relatively of $0.4, with 3.02% price increase in the last 24 hours. If the present growth could be maintained, there is tendency of breaking further challenging resistant levels.

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