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Ripple XRP Price is Definitely Going to Skyrocket Soon – Crypto Expert Claims with Clear Picture

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Ripple XRP Price is Definitely Going to Skyrocket Soon – Crypto Expert Claims with Clear Picture

  • Ripple XRP market price definitely going to skyrocket very soon, popular analyst assures
  • A likely Prediction had also came from an XRP-centric analyst

The growth of most cryptocurrencies including Ripple XRP has been shady in the crypto market for about two days now. Since a manipulative whale made huge transaction from an unknown address to Coinbase wallet, the story had turned against the market. However, a crypto expert remains resolute that Ripple XRP’s price will soon skyrocket.

The cryptocurrency market was left chartered after a Bitcoin whale reportedly transferred over 25,160 BTC worth $213,365,390 at the time of the transaction.

Ripple XRP had been proving resolute in terms of independent price growth, without reacting to Bitcoin (BTC) price fluctuation in the market.

Before the unknown Bitcoin whale’s devastating transaction, Ripple XRP was trading at relatively $0.44. However, the transfer left Bitcoin plummet while other cryptocurrencies were forced to bow to its dominance, including Ripple XRP that had been standing tall alone for quite some days.

The major bear market negatively affected Ripple XRP, dropped its price below $0.4 in the middle of the incident. All other alternative coins look for means to get themselves out of the shackles of Bitcoin’s market dominance.

At price time, Ripple XRP is trading at relatively $0.42, with 4.9% price upsurge in the last 24 hours, as Bitcoin (BTC), the largest digital currency by market cap manages to recover from the shocking price deficit and break above $8,000 resistance level once again.

In the mist of the storm, among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, only Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BSV) refused to yield to the market control tone of Bitcoin (BTC), as both experienced price rise and drop independently.

Despite a high mountain for Ripple XRP to subdue, more expectations of the waiting investors to fulfill and with somehow challenging situation in the market, some analysts remain optimistic that XRP possesses valuable power to soar and break above resistance levels.

XRP is indeed reacting well to the market situation, shaking itself off the price plummet, as it surpasses $0.4, moving further to justify the sentiments of the prophets of hope.

Analyst Claims Ripple XRP wills Experience Significant Price Upsurge Very Soon

Crypto currency analysts are very common in passing their thoughts and predictions across to their audience after some intense mathematical evaluations.

A famous analyst, identified on twitter as The Crypto Dog spoke about the assurance he has for the brightness of Ripple XRP, a digital asset that arguably receives most criticism in the crypto space.

In his sentiment, he claimed that he’s absolutely sure that XRP is soaring beyond the expectation of its enthusiasts and critics very soon. He said “XRP most definitely going to moon here very soon…”

However, he stressed that he cannot tell if XRP has attained its lowest against US Dollars before its price starts to skyrocket, pointing to the indication exhibited by Bitcoin (BTC) on the chart he captioned.

“…I’m not confident it’s hit it’s final local low vs USD before the rocket takes off, but this BTC pair paints such a clean picture.”

A Ripple XRP-centric Analyst Had Earlier Predicted Alike

Gordon Gekko, CEO of Sir Gekko Capital Holdings, had earlier predicted a parabolic price movement for Ripple XRP. In his prediction, he reminded his followers of the former prediction he made.

Gekko earlier predicted that XRP price will surge up to 7-$10 in 3 to 6 weeks’ time, but later reduced the allocated period of his prediction to 2-4 weeks interval.

However, time will do justice to the factuality of their predictions, but for the time being, Ripple XRP enthusiasts and investors should keep their fingers crossed, a better day might be around the corner.

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