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Ripple XRP on High Performance in the Crypto Market

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Ripple XRP on High Performance in the Crypto Market

Ripple XRP has revived its price surging cohesion recently, joining the latest rally in the cryptocurrency market. Its 24H performance has been outstanding compared to other digital currencies. Replicating its recent upward trend without retracting would a better result for its teeming community to count on, but the question to ask is: ‘could XRP experience further parabolic movement?

Ripple XRP is presently exhibiting a move that could keep it away from bear, and at the same time clinch it with the bull that has enough agility to break resistance levels. It has been firing on all cylinders in the last 24 hours.

Few days ago, XRP experienced irresistible price stagnancy. The growth mute was attributed to a vital decision taken by a well-known exchange.

However, the decision has not been effected, but this probably left negative impact on alternative cryptocurrencies, causing their market value to either drop or remain stagnant. Bitcoin (BTC) was the only gainer at that time, as it experienced a significant price surge in the middle of the incident.

After the issue became a bit staled, Ripple XRP started garnering strength to push further ahead. Aside Bitcoin SV (BSV) that recently underwent a parabolic movement among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, XRP is the next best performer.

At the time of filing this report, Ripple XRP is trading at $0.43, with 3.45% price surge in the last 24 hour. How long it would hold back the steady growth without losing it to bear still looks gloomy, but hope is alive.

Ripple XRP on High Performance in the Crypto Market. Could it Move Further?

Could There Be Any Hope for Ripple XRP Price to Move Further?

Since the significant bear market of 2018, Ripple XRP has been struggling up the table to give its investors what they desire, although the uprise, after a sudden 2018 fall, is not limited to the digital currency, but XRP seems to be pushing harder above a number of its contemporaries.

For XRP price to surge without succumbing to the growth trend of Bitcoin, it is sure the beginning of good days for the digital currency. However, if XRP can leverage the sovereignty of BTC and replicate its growth consistently, it would be welcoming, as both parties would grossly benefit, but is still not the best for XRP.

Nevertheless, XRP community member believes a price break-out is imminent. An enthusiast in a tweet captioned the price growth chart of the digital asset, indicating it has surpassed the pennant, a move that would send XRP above $0.49.

Another crypto analyst also hinted that there is possibility for Ripple XRP to make a significant bull run that would take its price up to $6. Such a price spike will be quite historical and profitable.

Could the Speculation of Ripple Acquiring Moneygram Be Real?

It was speculated few days ago that Ripple, the payment company behind XRP, has acquired Monegram, a Global Money Transfer Company based in United States. The rumour spread like wildfire, giving the XRP community reason to verify the authenticity of the info even though they are yet to get an update from both companies.

However, the rumour was later refuted. Afterward, this topic was brought up again by a popular figure identified on twitter as John Ðough. He pointed that Ripple has bought Moneygram, gearing the community members to get ready for the breaking news that would push XRP price to $3.

His stance was questioned by some famous personalities such Kieran Kelly, demanding to prove the authenticity of the update, but no response came from him.

Although, there has been no authentic report affirming the deal, but Ripple Inc Labs. is yet to release a statement that will debunk the rumor.

For Ripple XRP, hope of a notable price surge is not lost. If it could attain $3 in 2017, same is also possible now. The global exposure that XRP is opened to today was not really in existence back then, which makes it an indication that XRP could even go further than expected.

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