Ripple (XRP) News -SWELL 2018: A David Takes On Goliath Of Annual Banking Conference, SIBOS

Ripple Xrp News Swell 2018

The emergence of Ripple (XRP), a cryptocurrency with the blockchain technology that provides frictionless cross-border transaction, in into the finance sector is not only creating fever for banking industries, but also quivering the existence of banks to the extent of bringing FOMO into the banking world.

The enthusiastic and impending Ripple (XRP) SWELL 2018 event which is coming up on October 1st has also helped to intensify the threat of Ripple on its competitors, banks. While the event has been creating disruption in the space, it plays a ‘David-takes-on-Goliath’ role over SIBOS (Swift International Banking Operations Seminar) which will be taking place the same month with the Ripple much lauded event.


While SIBOS 2018, an annual behemoth conference organized by Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) will be taking place in Sydney, Australia, Ripple sorted for its hometown, San Francisco where myriad of fintech and Silicon Valley companies are cited.

The memory of SWELL 2017 conference which was filled with much passion, well-known keynote speakers, and the initial captivation of decentralized digital assets seems to be giving green light of how the upcoming one would be, even though SWELL 2018 has been given more hype than the former due to some new and more fascinating features that have been introduced.

This year’s SWELL conference, according to Ripple will feature the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, whose tenure saw the rise of the Internet and dotcom bubble, as its headline speaker. His keynotes has been tipped to be a crucial one based on the fact that world is now entering the second phase of the global information exchange which signals the growth of ‘Internet of Value’.

As an addition, while the conference will be hosting myriads of who’s who in the industry, Ripple’s (XRP) strength, due to adoption from countless of top banks which uses its technology for real-time cross border transaction, will be a mover and shaker for the event.

Advocating for the adoption of blockchain technology in banking, the conference contains a number of sessions which brand the technology as a sine qua non in the finance industry.

Based on the good news flagged around of the Ripple SWELL 2018 conference, many have opined that the event has got a feather on its cap above SIBOS 2018, and the former will overshadow the latter and at the same time attract more crowd.


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