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Ripple XRP Garnering Strength for an Unstoppable Bull Run

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Ripple XRP Garnering Strength for an Unstoppable Bull Run

  • Ripple XRP’s priceless global exposure cannot be matched
  • XRP price will surge when crypto sphere least expected

Ripple XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has caught a number of global attentions recently and in time past, giving it exposure to be trusted by reputable institutions of the world and by its technically patient investors.

Some pessimists in the cryptocurrency market may believe it is impossible for XRP to have a significant rise in market price anytime soon, but they possibly know little about grand development and global recognition Ripple has been garnering, which is capable of impacting XRP to head for an unstoppable Bull Run.

At the time of writing, Ripple XRP is approximately $0.320122 with 3.90% price gain the last 24hrs. This could be termed as slow growth compared to the obvious progress of Bitcoin (BTC) price, but all hope is surely not lost as its remarkable rising could meet the crypto space when it’s least expected due to the distinguished development it has been experiencing.

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Ripple XRP’s Recognition Could Aid its Surge in Market Price

Ripple’s XRP has been sealing a host of partnerships that has been giving the digital asset global recognition that will be able to sponsor the much anticipated and possibly unstoppable Bull Run.

The exposure Ripple XRP has had lately is priceless. For an institution to receive International Monetary Fund (IMF) recommendation is not easy to come by, but an expert in the world’s financial body exposed Ripple to the global attention after recommending the DLT technology developed by Ripple as solution to transaction issues in Africa.

Read his excerpt below:

“…DLT systems such as Ripple can be used to efficiently process foreign payments and can be supported by international banks and payment companies.”

While referring to the efficiency of Ripple XRP, the IMF expert stressed that funds transferred with digital currencies can be safely and successfully received in national currency in a couple of minutes.

“International payments using cryptocurrencies can be securely received in minutes and can be rapidly settled in the domestic currency…”

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To add to the blessed portfolio of Ripple’s XRP, World Bank had xRapid product featured on its official website sometimes in March this year. In the blog post, xRapid, an XRP dependent remittance tool, was featured as a key revolution in the cross-border payment industry.

World Bank posited that Blockchain Technology is a nascent technology that is on course to cause a great revolution to the entire world, and specifically noted the contribution of Ripple in this regard.


There is also a recent viral video of the World Street forum, where members unanimously agreed that Ripple will function using Ripple XRP as FX means of settlement in place of US Dollar, and this could be linked to the threat a United States congressman perceived about digital currencies dethroning world’s most popular currency (US Dollar), which resulted in proposing a bill to ban cryptocurrency trading in the United States.

Despite the slow in Ripple XRP market growth, its tremendous contribution to the mainstream adoption of all digital currencies cannot be trodden under foot.

With all the global exposure Ripple has garnered and trust it keeps securing from world’s most notable institutions, there is tendency it attracts more to the capital investors that plunge in on daily basis.

So, Ripple’s XRP investors that are anticipating for Bull Run in market price should be patient as its price surge could meet the crypto sphere when it’s least expected, and this could be a long term surge.

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