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Ripple is Doing Things in Scale Via Adoption and Partnership -Ethereum’s Vitalik Butterin

Thailand’s Largest Commercial Bank Denies Using Ripple’s XRP


Ripple is Doing Things in Scale Via Adoption and Partnership -Ethereum’s Vitalik Butterin

One of the enthusiasts in the Ripple community retweeted a statement by Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin about Ripple’s performance. Stating the obvious, the crypto millionaire applauded the Fintech on its effort to promote adoption of cryptocurrency.

The creator of the second largest blockchain project has always spoken in favor of Ripple. Though he lost a chance of working as an intern in the company in 2013.

Mr. Buterin told the world he missed this opportunity due to the American visa issue. Up until now, he still nurses a soft spot for Ripple. Going down memory lane, he has not done badly at all, though he missed a job opportunity at Ripple.

He has been able to develop a project that later became the Ethereum blockchain and network. Now he is one of the world’s most popular experts in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. His network was the first to support the development of decentralised applications and smart contracts.

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Ripple’s Performance in Promoting the Adoption of Cryptocurrency

Ripple’s native token, XRP, is one of the most widely accepted digital assets across the globe. Ripple’s main mission is to facilitate cross-border payment processing.

This has been made achievable using its decentralized blockchain applications. They enhance payment processing by providing faster, cheaper and secure transaction processes.

Ripple has been able to widen its network of global promotion of cryptocurrency by signing on over 200 banks. Some of these includes PNC Bank, Euro Exim Bank, Transpaygo, Federal Bank, SendFriend, Cuallix and Mercury FX and more.

It has been listed on Coinbase and also involved with major financial bodies like World Bank, IMF, EU Commission.

Ripple’s Effort in Creating Awareness for the Cryptocurrency

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse has been in the forefront to promote digital currency. In the recent Swiss Conference attended by all the commercial and central bank executives, he made them understand the functionalities of cryptocurrency.

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Brad was the only CEO from the private sector who attended the conference. During his speech, he clarified the utilities in cryptocurrency, which later convinced some business nobles in attendance. His impact will further increase crypto acceptance. Ripple’s effort is not just for its native token XRP but for cryptocurrency in general.

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