Respected Swedish Car Company, Bytbil, Adopts Verge (XVG)

Respected Swedish Car Company, Bytbil, Adopts Verge (XVG)

Verge (XVG) has again partnered with a reputable company, this time around with Bytbil, a Swedish car company with exclusive vehicles.

In an announcement today by one of Verge Currency’s core member, by the name Arend, which was equally retweeted by Cees Van Dam, a principal core member of the team as well, it was contained that Bytbil has decided to adopt Verge currency, maintaining that Verge lovers can now buy Renaults, Lamborghini, Bentley, among other exotic cars with XVG.

Verge (XVG) appears to be one of the significant coins pushing for cryptocurrency mass adoption. Over the years, the team behind the currency have been campaigning for broad acceptance, while winning the heart of big companies with their unwavering push for more use cases.

Yesterday, it was announced by PundiX that Verge is now available on their cards, and  trading of the coin on PundiX POS among other PundiX supported devices is now possible.

Verge, if you can recollect opened PornHub into adopting cryptocurrencies. The same Verge partnered with TokenPay (TPAY), thereby creating room for a friendship between the latter and Litecoin (LTC).

International Peer-to-Peer Boat Rental Platform Adopts Verge (XVG)

Early Today’s Gazette reported that Boatster, an international p2p boat renting firm announced it adopted Verge (XVG) as a payment option on its platform. Although Boatster adopted other cryptocurrencies, the decision to adopt Verge put the crypto communities in euphoria.

Blunt Umbrella Adopts Verge (XVG)

While the Verge family is rejoicing over endless partnerships that the digital coin is amassing, the crypto community received another mighty news when it was aired that Blunt Umbrella, which has indicated it is supporting Verge, announced it would be giving out 20% for every umbrella procured with Verge currency.

The beautifully crafted umbrellas available on Blunt website can now be purchased with XVG. The New Zealand-based umbrella company is changing the narratives in the umbrella industry with its eye catching umbrellas.


No gainsaying that Verge is receiving myriads of adoption in the cryptocurrency world. Like Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, has postulated that bringing crypto to small shops will increase the value of crypto, Verge currency is one of the digital coin canvasing for grass root acceptance of cryptocurrency.

There is more to come from Verge, let’s put our hands in akimbo and see things work out in the space.



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