ReddCoin’s (RDD) ReddID Solves Problems Of Social Media Users.

ReddCoin’s (RDD) ReddID Solves Problems Of Social Media Users.

ReddCoin (RDD) has officially launched ReddID, a social blockchain tipping identification for seamless tipping on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

ReddID is regarded as a name-based tipping across social networks and platforms, with all data stored safely in the blockchain.

ReddID does not make use of any centralized site or databases. It does not employ the service of any administrators. It however, makes it easy for your online persona, while opening doors for people to collect tips for their contents, comments, with secure and private wallet.

Now, ReddCoin has been able to solve the problems of tipping among 2.2 billion Facebook users, 336 Million Twitter users and 330 million Reddit users. The newly released ReddID makes social media users register their own unique ReddID name.


As well, they can easily link their ReddID to their personal account on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and other social network as soon as they are added. The peak of it, ReddID users can send tip and even receive it via the newly released chrome browser extension.

With the newly launched social tipping extension, the internet’s new love button can be clicked to appreciate good content creator on the social network.

However, the Reddcoin core team in a message stated that they were not able to successfully transition from “.tester” naming domain to the new production “.reddid” name.

Meanwhile, a day will be scheduled soon to achieve the complete migration of all data to the newly launched domain .reddid.

Joy In the ReddCoin (RDD) Community With ReddID Launch

The space is full of joy as the underrated ReddCoin truly came into limelight with a good tipping procedure on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, and soon, it will launch on other platforms as well.


ReddCoin’s enthusiasts on social networks are basking in euphoria with the newly launched ReddID.

With this, different social network users are now buying ReddCoin and tipping people immediately. With this, there is hope ReddCoin may reach $1 any moment from now.

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