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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Reasons Coinbase Should Not Say Bye-bye To Ripple (XRP)

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Reasons Coinbase Should Not Say Bye-bye To Ripple (XRP)

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Around July, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO at Ripple Labs which oversees all affairs related to the success of XRP, had for the first time enjoined Coinbase to integrate the cryptocurrency to its platform, buttressing his points with the fact that XRP solves problems at scale for institutions.

Brad digressed to the Security and Exchange Commission’s issue with XRP, highlighting why it is not a security. Not Brad alone, many analysts have weighed in on the case of Ripple with some of them claiming the cryptocurrency is no way near a security.

Not long after Brad came out to advice Coinbase, the exchange decided to declare the digital assets they are exploring and may later list without placing XRP in the names.

Afterwards, Coinbase custody, a part of Coinbase Exchange, highlighted XRP is among the coins it planned to list. This appears to be a romance message to the cryptocurrency community that there is possibility Coinbase lists XRP sooner or later.

No doubt, Ripple’s XRP, which stays at the third position on the cryptocurrency market table going by its enormous market cap, deserves to be listed on Coinbase for so many reasons.

Forgetting the points that Ripple, which has just been clarified to be separated from XRP, has sealed many a number of partners, the cryptocurrency deserves a place on Coinbase Exchange with the increasing number of users demanding that the cryptocurrency be listed without any delay.

In my effort to make it clear that XRP is a distinct coin that cannot be matched with the cryptocurrency highlighted to be under Coinbase’ watch, below are some reasons why XRP deserves a stay on Coinbase Exchange:

Wirex XRP Scenario

After Wirex launched XRP wallet on its platform, over $2,000,000 Worth of Ripple (XRP) was deposited on the platform in less than 12 Hours. This is a signal to Coinbase that quite a large number of Ripple lovers are waiting for Coinbase to launch XRP. Unlike irrelevant coins which Coinbase prioritized over XRP, there is going to be a mass deposit of XRP once the exchange lists the cryptocurrency.

Ripple Has Partnered With Many Banks

No doubt that Coinbase has been at the fore of creating a haven for cryptocurrencies by providing the crypto community with reliable wallets where funds are kept securely. Through Coinbase, an average individual can buy and even transfer coins to another person not minding distance, making it hard for one to look down on Coinbase for the enormous service it renders. More importantly, due to its large number of customers, Coinbase creates room for mass adoption in within a short time.

There is no doubt that the exchange want to be a wholly recognized fintech in the crypto space. In this regard, including XRP, a coin fashioned to better cross border transaction among banks, is a service the whole world would cherish and at the same time give more credibility to Coinbase.

With Ripple’s XRP inclusion, XRP lovers will be provided a fast track in getting the coin without a sweat. If Coinbase lists XRP, there is believe that Ripple, the overseers of XRP’s success, create more areas where the currency would be demanded in high percent, and so, increase the number of users of the crypto on Coinbase.

At the moment, many banks use Ripple tools, with some hoping to use XRP as time goes on, including XRP on Coinbase is a step towards actualizing the aim of cryptocurrency.

Ripple-Centric VCTRADE

It is up to Coinbase to act fast. There is a possibility the VCTRADE Cryptocurrency exchange purposely centered on Ripple’s XRP by SBI Holdings take the lead.

With significant number of people registering on the platform, there is a great belief in the crypto space that the exchange becomes number one. On many occasions, XRP community has come out to declare that they so much cherish VCTRADE than Coinbase.

This VCTRADE is hoping to expand its investment across the border, while at the same time creating room to rejig cryptocurrency market.

Soon, VCTRADE hopes to have more coins on its platform, and later add Ethereum (ETH). The exchange is also planning to accelerate crypto-related ideas using CoVenture Holding Company; a firm co-founded by SBI. This will open a space for mass adoption of Ripple.

It also intends to kickstart a cryptocurrency swap trading with the support of the Clear Markets Firm in the US.

If Coinbase failed to act accordingly, VCTRADE may outperform them or pays XRP community more than any exchange could.

Isaac is currently taking his degree in journalism. His interest varies from Entertainment, Current Events, and Business Monetization. In his early years in the writing industry, he joined different online publication as a contributing writer. Today, he is now a full-time contributor to TODAY'S GAZETTE.



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