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Ravencoin (RVN) and ReddCoin (RDD) Jump Dramatically In The Crypto Market

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Ravencoin (RVN) and ReddCoin (RDD) Jump Dramatically In The Crypto Market

Ravencoin (RVN) and ReddCoin (RDD) are performing extraordinarily this morning. The two coins are leading the cryptocurrency return. While some cryptocurrencies are still deeply in the red, Ravencoin and ReddCoin stand distinct, differentiating themselves from the other digital currencies with little or no price increase.

Ravencoin (RVN): What Is Behind The Rise?

In the last 24hrs, Ravencoin has been changing hands at $0.014709 USD, seeing over 22% price upsurge. The digital currency now has a market cap of $40 million (equivalent to 11,000BTC).

While it is hard to state the reasons behind Ravencoin’s sudden rise, the digital currency, which is a free and open source project mined using the Proof of Work blockchain, has been performing excellently before this time.

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Early December, TokenizEU, a European-based platform set to help firms issue EU-compliant security tokens, announced it’s using Ravencoin among their services.

ReddCoin (RDD) The Future Is Now

ReddCoin (RDD) has been adding values for sometimes now. The digital currency is changing hands at $0.001359 USD, seeing over 11% price increase in the last 24hrs.

Different analysts have observed the stability of ReddCoin, and the possibility of the digital asset growing in the nearest future.

As we can see now, the price of the digital asset is spiking, however, nothing is behind this other than the fact that ReddCoin will be making the full launch of ReddID, a tool that makes social tipping a simple, easy and fast thing to do using Chrome browser extension.

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The extension makes it easy for ReddCoin holders to tip their beloved content creators on Reddit and Twitter. There is going to be support for YouTube, Flickr, Instagram and some other social platforms. It seems the cryptospace is just witnessing the impact of ReddID.

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