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Rating Implores EOS To Learn From Top Rated Cardano (ADA) Project Team

EOS Transaction Speed Upped By 35% After 2 Major Developmental Upgrades


Rating Implores EOS To Learn From Top Rated Cardano (ADA) Project Team

Built from a well doctored scientific philosophy and peer-reviewed academic research, the Cardano (ADA) blockchain project which is fully open source has been ranked high according to an independent unbiased provider of crypto, stock and mutual fund rating.

Weiss rating today flagged Cardano blockchain as a top rated project, adding that the high quality of the blockchain’s code and the competence of the team behind the project is a key.

After the interesting eulogy dressed around Cardano, Weiss rating noted that the team behind EOS blockchain project, a platform that supports commercial-scale decentralized applications, might need to learn quite a number of things from the team of the former.

Making comparison between the two projects, Weiss rating averred that while EOS is known for rushing and breaking things, Cardano blockchain technology is always slow-and-steady in its approach.

Weiss further stated that things need to be carefully done, describing the crypto space as a marathon, and not a race.

Cardano (ADA) Has Little Experience In Building Consumer-Grade Applications

The independent rating body has previously upraised the Cardano blcockchain project in one of its tweet stating that it has the best team so far. It added that the team is well tech oriented.

Despite all the exaltation, Weiss displayed its unbiased quality, pinpointing the loop hole of the blockchain project.

Weiss rating specified that Cardano’s blockchain team has only slight experience in developing worthy consumer-grade applications. Stating further, Weiss averred that this could by far affect the adoption of the native token of the blockchain project, ADA.

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