Qtum (QTUM) Joins Premiere Destination For Crypto Asset Trading


The credence Cryptocurrency is getting across the globe will never make the race to be a better Cryptocurrency end in the sphere. Qtum today takes charge in the survival of the fittest, aiming for the pinnacle as it made a developmental announcement into the air.

Known as the premiere destination for Cryptocurrency asset trading, Poloniex, a crypto exchange platform that claims not to charge for listing, leverages individual project and strong ties with project developers

With five broad project categories, Poloniex which is backed by team circle aims at identifying blockchain technologies that sustains new decentralized applications like Qtum blockchain (QTUM).

The exchange made known that it is pleased to welcome the blockchain into its family.

Poloniex said the new development has placed QTUM on its platform for deposit and withdrawal, and from 16:00 UTC on September 7th, QTUM/BTC, QTUM/USDT, and QTUM/ETH pairs will be made available for trade.

About Poloniex

The US based company which was founded in January 2014 by Tristan D’Agosta, grants users flexibility with variety of digital assets available on its platform while offering secure trading terrain with advanced charts and data analytic tools that made trading easy for customers.

The firm also keep most deposits in air-gapped cold storage, while providing 24hrs monitoring service to avert any malicious activity.

About Qtum (QTUM)

Known as the 21st era largest Cryptocurrency, Qtum was born out of the vision to fill the void between Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of functionalities. Qtum is developed to be a hybrid of the two blockchain technology.


While Qtum uses Bitcoin as the premise for its protocol, as Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is integrated into it to withstand a diverse decentralized application ecosystem.

The native asset of the blockchain is QTUM and it is used for smart contract and storing value. Up till this moment, the first ever known Proof-of-Stake (PoS) smart contracts platform remains Qtum.

Image Source: OracleTimes


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