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Q3 Signifies Waltonchain (WTC) Trying To Lead IOTA In IoT World

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Q3 Signifies Waltonchain (WTC) Trying To Lead IOTA In IoT World

The rapid development in the Internet of Things world has created a reason to discuss IOTA (MIOTA) and Waltonchain (WTC) especially in the Q3 section of this year.

While Waltonchain has released its progress report, it is worth looking into considering the cryptocurrency’s recent moves and awesome development.

Waltonchain (WTC) Summits

Waltonchain organized several summits this Q3. In July, it co-hosted China Smart Retail Conference and Blockchain+ Technology Application Summit with the help of Shenzhen Smart Retail Association.

In the same line, ZhongChuan IoT Industry Research Institute and Waltonchain also co-hosted the “IoT + Blockchain Technology Application” Special Exhibition at 2018 China (International) IoT Expo.

Also, it co-hosted the “IoT China Connects the Future” China IoT Embracing Blockchain Leader’s Summit with partnership from ZhongChuan IoT Industry Research Institute.

Waltonchain (WTC) Official Releases

Waltonchain is winning in the IoT world and doing everything to lead IOTA (MIOTA). The cryptocurrency puts forward massive development to better make the IoT world dependable.

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This Q3, it released two world’s first Blockchain + Industry solutions WTC-Food and WTC-Garment, leading the Blockchain 3.0 era with this development.

Also, it unveiled its free-of-charge traceability solutions for vaccine enterprises. This is centered on warring PharmaScam that is prominent in China this days.

Beside that the first lecture of the six-month course centered on cultivating blockchain talents was started in Walton Blockchain Institute courtesy of Korean Standards Association.

The training is designed to achieve the plans of South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT and has the potential to train 10,000 blockchain talents.

Waltonchain (WTC) Hardware Designed To Compete With IOTA (MIOTA)

Waltonchain’s cheap RFID chip with hash-and-signature-based data self-verification has been perfected and will soon be out for use any moment.

In the same vein, Waltonchain Sensor and video data collection has been perfected. The architectural design and scheme for the hardware system to be able to mine data stamps and upload them to blockchain is also complete.

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Not only that, the RFID system that supports token protocol, automatic inventory taking, traceability and automatic data stamp uploading to the blockchain has gotten to the software development and debugging stage. However, the pilot deployment will happen in November.

Conclusion: Waltonchain (WTC) is trying its best to lead IOTA (MIOTA) in the IoT world, however, it has some steps to make to lead in this area. Meanwhile, with this progress report, this Q3 has been awesome for Waltonchain.

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