Pundi X Gears Up Donation For Indonesia’s Tsunami Victims With $10,000 In NPXS

Pundi X Npxs Sulawesi Island Tsunami

Due to the frictionless easy and fast transaction handed to users, charity across the world seems to be receiving more input as the trend of crypto donation signals continuity.

Also the creator of NPXS crypto token, Pundi X, a project that aims at simplifying the spending of Cryptocurrency with credit cards, announced that it will be supporting the ongoing donation which is targeted at relieving victims of the huge tsunami tragedy which happened at Sulawesi Island, Indonesia.

The Cryptocurrency firm declared that apart from participating in the Kopernik charity course with a donation of USD 10,000 in Pundi X tokens to NU Care, it will also partake in the raising of funds for the victims by advocating for cryptocurrency donations from its customers around the world.

Pundi X noted that the USD 10,000 donation is a joint effort from itself, Infinetworks and Indonesia Blockchain Association (A-B-I).

While calling for donations from users of Cryptocurrency around the world, the firm noted that all payment made to crypto wallet addresses made available for donation will be issued completely to NU Care Donggala Disaster Fund.

Sulawesi Island Tsunami

Owing to a mighty tsunami which hit the coast of Sulawesi island, Indonesia on 28 September 2018, it has been recorded that hundreds of people have lost their lives while countless of survivors have also lost their homes and access to basic amenities like electricity and clean water.

The 7.4-magnitude major earthquake has disrupted the activities of about 600,000 people who live in Palu and Donggala. The tsunami was said to have also resulted in over 80 aftershocks.

Due to the tsunami Kopernik, a not for profit organization which aims at poverty alleviation, has begun seeking for fund to support the victims of the terrible disaster.


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