Prominent Online Store Says Verge (XVG) Most Engaged Currency Of Choice By Its Shoppers

Prominent Online Store Says Verge (XVG) Most Engaged Currency Of Choice By Its Shoppers

Verge (XVG) has again won another title. Crypto Planet Store, a prominent online shop for cryptocurrency lovers has hinted that Vergecurrency (XVG) is now the most engaged cryptocurrency of choice by their shoppers, stating further that the cryptocurrency, while it is secured and anonymous, it is built for everyday use.

The revelation did not come as a surprise since XVG is being used every day to solve problems that are associated with any form of dealings on the internet.

Crypto Planet Store said: “GET READY FOR THE BULL RUN By Shopping For Your Favourite Crypto Currency Gear! Online Shopping Created By Crypto People For Crypto People! Most Engaged Currency Of Choice by Our Shoppers: @vergecurrency XVG is a secure and anonymous cryptocurrency, built for everyday use”

Early September the store announced it has integrated Verge on its platform, putting a 15% discount on every product purchased using the cryptocurrency.

Verge (XVG) Partners

Verge has partnered with various businesses in recent time. Prominent among them is PornHub, an adult site without millions of users daily.

In the same line, Bitnovo, a European crypto platforms with ATM across the region announced it has integrated Verge (XVG). This announcement brings Verge to over 2000 shop front.

Not long that Pundi X announced integrating Verge, it made known afterward that it has deployed around 1,000 XPOS to Brazil with Verge, Nem and some other cryptocurrency integrated on the POS.

With growing number of businesses using the cryptocurrency, there is no doubt that Verge will be among the top currency any moment.

While Vergecurrency has not been going about making unnecessary hype, the platform has partnered over 120 businesses in recent time. All thanks to VergeFams, a community of unrelenting crypto enthusiasts working to see the realization of more adoption of cryptocurrency and general acceptance of Verge in all areas.

If Verge continues with this pace, the cryptocurrency has the potential to unseat any of the top cryptocurrency.


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