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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Private Instant Verified Transaction (PIVX): The Next Pride of Cryptocurrency

Private Instant Verified Transaction Pivx


Private Instant Verified Transaction (PIVX): The Next Pride of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has now become a household name in this century. There are thousands of Cryptocurrencies being pumped into the system every day, and this has made picking the right one hard in some instances. But why should you trust Private Instant verified transaction (PIVX) for your trade and other business dealing? This review will provide a detailed report on that.

Digging Deep into PIVX

PIVX was created from DASH in November 2016 and formerly referred to as Darknet (DNET), but unlike DASH, it has an improved POS mechanism and a proof of stake Cryptocurrency. After the initial creation, with the help of the Cryptocurrency community, it was rebranded in the year 2017 to PIVX to enable it to gain maximum strength to transmit its essential use, vision, mission, and idea to the community.

From January 2017 upward, it has kept growing, and small investment made into the business at the start has grown big. A little investment of $100 as at 2017 is now worth more than $54,000 (54118.75% INCREMENT).

They firmly believe in these four pillars (Privacy, Freedom, Technology, and Governance) as the key to their success and the medium of impacting positively into their users. These have also helped them in achieving set goals of decentralization, instant private transaction and develop a model for the Cryptocurrency community to follow.

5 Distinctive features of Private Instant Verified Transaction (PIVX)

There are several features of PIVX that differentiate it from other Cryptocurrencies. Here some of the essential ones that should push you to invest:

  1. Created initially from DASH, PIVX has all the features of DASH, like master nodes, instant transaction, private transaction, and an improved 3.0 POS protocol mechanism.
  2. PIVX makes use of the SwifTX technology in other to create a near-instant transaction and confirmation for its trade, and to break the jinx of double spending challenges encountered during the transaction Other Cryptocurrencies have not implemented this feature yet.
  3. PIVX is an open-source, self-governed and a self-funded Cryptocurrency project with no controversy such as instant and pre-mine strategies.
  4. PIVX is also the first proof of stake Cryptocurrency in circulation with a Zerocoin protocol level anonymity which makes the truly fungible.

Where To Purchase Private Instant Verified Transaction (PIVX)

Here are the favorite exchanges where you can buy PIVX from:

  • Binance – The acceptable trade pairs include PIVX/BTC, PIVX/ETH, PIVX/BNB
  • Changelly- you can buy from them using either BTC or debit.
  • BuyUcoin- You can also buy the following supported pairs PIVX/INR
  • Other sources include Cryptopia, crypto-bridge, Livecoin, Yobit, etc.

Where To Store Your Purchased PIVX

Saving PIVX can only be done on your wallet, not just any wallet. Here are some the approved wallet for the coin:

  • For hardware wallet: Ledger Nano S
  • For mobile wallet: PIVX mobile wallet and coinomi
  • Paper wallet: PIVX paper wallet

Why Turn To PIVX For Your Transactions?

For every coin, you don’t only purchase because of its present value. Instead, you calculate its present and future values. These will help you improve your decision on investing or not. Here are reasons why you should consider buying PIVX;

  1. Operates with a low fee

The price other Cryptocurrencies charge for their transactions is high compared to what PIVX offer its users. Other coin charges $0.42 for their transaction while PIVX charges less than $0.01.

  1. Operates on a secured network

Your funds are safe, unlike other Cryptocurrency that is risky to purchase, you can buy PIVX with confidence based on it highly decentralized proof of stake network.

  1. Rewards for users

Users of PIVX are being rewarded, and the rewards come in 3 forms. Master nodes, PIV Staking, and ZPH staking. PIVX return rate is very consistent and reliable.

  1. Its value will keep increasing

At this rate, it would be wise to predict that in a few years the resources and funds invested in this Cryptocurrency will have yielded richer and bigger result for its user due to the pace of the blockchain project in the space.

Juxtaposing The Above Facts Together

As of present, PIVX is competing and striving to overcome DASH and other related coin. But the apparent fact is that within months it will become all you will want to invest in,  it’s good business. Now is the right and the perfect time to invest in this growing pride of Cryptocurrency.

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