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Price Analysis: BitTorrent Pushes Hard As XRP Lies Flat Against BTC Another Challenge Against Ethereum

Price Analysis: BitTorrent Pushes Hard As XRP Lies Flat Against BTC Another Challenge Against Ethereum


Price Analysis: BitTorrent Pushes Hard As XRP Lies Flat Against BTC Another Challenge Against Ethereum

The stability of Ethereum has strongly helped the digital currency to flip past XRP, after the latter maintained the second position for a bit long time. While Litecoin also managed to return to the 4th position after the cryptocurrency had been in the 7th place for some time, however, as XRP is looking now, there is every possibility the digital asset will return to the second position considering the gap between the two digital currencies.

The weekend was bullish for the cryptocurrency at large, bringing unexpected digital currencies to the front after maintaining long queue at the back.

Considering the present market situation, the weekend uptrend may not be soothing to traders due to the downtrend that we have been witnessing for the past 11 months. However, the latest trend appears to be at Ethereum’s advantage especially with the way it went past XRP.

With Ethereum’s increasing trading volume, opportunities to create a wide margin with XRP keeps showing up. Will ETH utilize this advantage?

Although, Ethereum has over $3 billion 24hrs market volume compared to XRP over $476 million market volume. This has contributed to ETH sudden movement past XRP.

Another interesting news favouring Ethereum is that the ERC-1155 token standard will be integrated into the Enjin platform in the next couple of weeks or months. The newest integration is a result of Kriptomat and Enjin’s partnership.

XRP Value Deepens Further Against BTC

XRP has failed to stay atop on the second position in the market after experiencing a slight plunge that drifted it to the third position as Ethereum overruns to the sit. XRP botched to maintain it last resistance – $0.323 and it is experiencing further decline against Bitcoin with about -0.29%.

XRP seems to be under pressure. After surpassing $0.0325 level at the end of the European trading session yesterday, the altcoin now settles above $0.300 mark.

With the latest crucial point formed by XRP against BTC at 0.00008311 BTC, it is clear that XRP is facing a strong resistance against the crypto daddy.

Looking at the five days chart on the diagram, XRP previously moved with a high tempo streak in the market that kept the second position secured. After maintaining a solid support around the $0.29 level, the altcoin rose up with a momentum that signals a transformational change in the market, but then, it was followed by a progressive decline that brought XRP value down from $0.325 to $0.309.

Despite the plunge, XRP trend line maintains a northward directional move, with gestures for a rerun that will take it back to the second position.

Supports From Tron (TRX), Justin Sun Push BitTorrent Ahead.

Tron (TRX) previous achievement and credibility coupled with Justin Sun’s respected maneuvering in the cryptocurrency space have created a soft-landing for BitTorrent.

While BitTorrent was launched two weeks back, the digital asset has being successfully placed on different exchanges.

At the time of writing, nothing less than 10 exchanges have promised to distribute BTT tokens to be shared among TRX holders. This means those exchanges are going to be supporting the newly launched digital currency.

Today’s Gazette earlier reported that it took crypto holders less than 15 minutes to completely buy 59 billion BitTorrent (BTT) token sold during its ICO on Binance Launchpad.

BitTorrent Still Leveling Up On The Upside Trend Despite Value Lose

The new birthed glowing cryptocurrency asset, BitTorrent, seems to be getting a glimpse of the deepening market turbulence. The market has begun beefing its meritorious growth trend from its launch date.  Nevertheless, BTT still buoys high profile price against its starting value.

Although, BitTorrent is still on the upside trend in the 24 hours market chat, but the high tempo it started with as declined after a slight plummeting force that hit the altcoin in the last few days.

However, BitTorrent still uphold a rigorous formidable strength against the crypto king, Bitcoin, as it continues to push harder.

BitTorrent which has a total supply of 990,000,000,000 BTT, trades against Bitcoin at 0.00000023 BTC with 8.63% rise against the king in the last 24 hour. Unlike other coins, BTT still buoys a on the upside trend.

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