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Post PornHub Integration, NetCents Deal With Kubera Payments Pushes Verge (XVG) Into Diverse Industries

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Post PornHub Integration, NetCents Deal With Kubera Payments Pushes Verge (XVG) Into Diverse Industries

Not long after Verge (XVG) and NetCents sealed a mass adoption deal, the latter has announced it signed a five year ISO Reseller Agreement with Kubera Payments Corporation, a Canada-based leading payments processing consultancy that is providing tailored innovative solutions and next-level customer services.

With the newly signed agreement, Kubera has the autonomy to resell NetCents Crypto Merchant Gateway to their merchant network, pushing Verge (XVG) and few other cryptocurrencies that has been integrated on the gateway the opportunity to be used by Kubera’s merchants which are basically in the tourism, hospitality, alpine sports, medical, high-risk, retail, and transportation sectors.

Respected firms, industry-leading processors and associations in the nooks and crannies of Noth America have partnered with Kubera, the firm has gained credence before big companies over the years.

As per this partnership, Kubera will make its fiat processing services among its other services available to NetCents clients.

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Chris Browes, CEO and Co-Founder, Kubera Payments, who spoke on the latest partnership said Kubera strives to offer its clients access to diverse processing options and technology, hence, its partnership with NetCents.

“Executing reseller agreements with NetCents provides access to industry leading crypto processing capabilities for our clients. NetCents clients will also be able to access preferential pricing for complimentary services from Kubera including fiat merchant processing and PCI compliance consulting lead by our Certified Information Systems Auditors.

Not long, Verge and NetCents signed a deal dubbed Project Mass adoption purposely to increase the awareness of the two platforms. The partnership since then has been fruitful to both firms.

This newly signed agreement is no doubt an outcome of the embarked awareness campaign. When Kubera finally begins selling NetCents gateway, the two firms and other cryptocurrency platforms will benefit massively.

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Remember NetCents gateway has been integrated on MingGeeks, a firm that services multi million people each day through its increasing adult and advertisement websites. During this process, MindGeeks ordered NetCents to integrate Verge into its gateway.

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