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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Possible Signs Ripple (XRP) Will Top Other Cryptos


Possible Signs Ripple (XRP) Will Top Other Cryptos

Ripple XRP, which has been stagnant for some time, now it is gradually rising to stardom. This digital asset has lived up to greater days of attracting more banks, payment processors and big companies. Now big nations like Dubai and the Middle East are the recent focus of Ripple to further create mass adoption of its native token XRP.

Latest Signs of Ripple XRP Growth and Adoption

Recently Ripple made some strong moves to create massive adoption for its digital asset, which will, in turn, increase utility. Some of these moves include developing and adding new features to the platform.

These features will enable customers and users to have easy accessibility and experience on the platform. It has also attracted a lot of external interest in the form of partnership.

Upgrading Customers on xCurrent 4.0

Ripple recently decided to upgrade all its customers using xCurrent to automatically start using XRP. Customers will be easily integrated on the platform to access old and new features that have been added on the platform. It recently added easy peer-to-peer commute, multishop, and xRapid support to its platform.

The xCurrent is a financial tool by Ripple which enables banks to monitor transactions from end-to-end. Integrating this tool with XRP will create mass adoption of the crypto because more customers will transact in XRP.

Partnership with More Banks and Other Mega Companies

Ripple’s penetration into the Middle East financial industry is a boost to XRP. Over fifty banks from the Middle East have joined RippleNet.

According to the executive of one of the banks, Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait, the Ripple network is faster and easier in performing transactions than other networks.

The report shows that ten banks out of over 200 banks on RippleNet use XRP, now that xCurrent is integrated with XRP, more banks will use the digital Asset.

Ripple is engaging with central banks around the world who are catalysts of financial innovations. More banks will join Ripple via its alliance with central banks.


Recently Ripple launched a big Google Ad campaign, to promote blockchain and xRapid. The Ad campaign is promoting Remittances to Mexico and Philipines. This service was formerly offered by a large UK remittance company, Mercury FX.

Ripple is the first crypto company to leverage on Google Ad network. This shows the extent Ripple is prepared to take XRP to the next level. Now more investors are considering XRP, seeing that its value may soon increase.

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