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Post PornHub: PayCent, XcelTrip Bring Verge to Over 200 Countries, 36 Million Locations

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Post PornHub: PayCent, XcelTrip Bring Verge to Over 200 Countries, 36 Million Locations

Verge is one of the striving digital currencies in the cryptocurrency space. The digital currency pioneered lots of collaborations, bringing in large businesses into the cryptocurrency space.

One Verge’s noticed partnership is that of PornHub, an adult education website converging over 90 million daily users. The partnership created room for other cryptocurrencies to partner with PornHub.

Then other adult sites like Hush-Hush, which controls,, entered the cryptocurrency space adopting a host of digital assets.

XVG Can Now Be Used in Over 200 Countries, 36 Million Locations

At the Verge’s 2nd Meetup in Rotterdam, the team behind the blockchain project announced a partnership deal with PayCents, making it easy for Verge enthusiasts to use XVG to purchase products on Amazon and even book flights and Hotels.

PayCent Card can be used to book flights on Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, Singapore Air, Delta Air among others. The card can also be used to book hotels on Expedia, among other platforms.

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At the moment, PayCent has delivered close to 50,000 crypto fiat cards across the globe. This partnership is no doubt a boost for Verge (XVG) considering the wide reach of PayCent.

Before supporting Verge, PayCent launched support for Bitcoin, DigiByte, Ripple’s XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Binance Coin.

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Verge Partners with XcelTrip and XcelPay

Verge (XVG) at the meetup also announced a partnership deal with XcelTrip and XcelPay. The partnership makes it easy for people to book over 800,000 hotels, more than 300 airlines, and top up their cellphone across 900 operators in 160 nations using Vergecurrency.

The partnership is the beginning of more adoption for XVG with the tentacles of PayCent, XcelTrip and XcelPay.

XCelTrip could be seen as the next generation blockchain-fueled travel platform designed to capture the trillion-dollar travel industry. It features actually democratise crypto use cases, with its app available for IoS and Android users.

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However, XcelPay XcelPay creates a link between consumer use-case and merchant payment solution. XcelPay has a merchant POS, a secured smart tablet used for sending and receiving payments in cryptocurrency. The POS can be used in restaurants, gas stations, hotels, bars, etc.

Verge -PornHub: Remembering A Golden Partnership

Verge is the first cryptocurrency project to partner with PornHub. The partnership was surprising to the whole cryptocurrency space at the time, resulting in diverse cryptographic projects like Litecoin questioning the partnership with claims that it was money induced.

However, the partnership saga created a room for collaboration between TokenPay and Litecoin, which resulted in TokenPay linking Litecoin with WEG bank.

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