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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News (POE): Fighting Plagiarism In A Degenerate World

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Altcoins (POE): Fighting Plagiarism In A Degenerate World

150 total views, 9 views today (POE) -We live in an age where a lot of persons reap with ease, profits, and benefits from the intellectual properties of other persons, through the crime of plagiarism. Are you a content creator, journalist, or researcher? It is sad to see how we all cope with the immoralities lifting our contents unauthorized.

Even at the base of Pandora’s box, there is still hope for everyone that is interested in originality and an honest wage for such. One of such hope today is

What Is (POE)?

What are the features of And how does it curb the menace of plagiarism? These are some of the issues that will be discussed in this article. (POE): Introducing An Active Attorney For Injustice is a universal ledger that is built off the Ethereum’s Blockchain. It promises to reclaim value for publishers, consumers, and content creators. With the help of, content creators can now create and issue licenses for their work and ensure that they receive fair compensation for their work.’s primary objective is to track the ownership and attribution for the globe’s digital creative assets. (POE) aims to timestamp contents digitally and aims to be used as the main source of determining what sort of content is to be licensed, by who is the content licensed and when the content is to be licensed. Apart from being an investment option, ensures that there is no barrier to the licensing information itself. All of it is accessible to anyone without having to spend any token or money.

Each or any content creator can create their own marketplaces that are decentralized in nature, and use POE token in the rating and uploading of contents. A content creator will have to stake a certain number of POE tokens, if he is to add a content to a specific marketplace. And if it turns out that the users of that specific marketplace do not feel that the content actually belongs there, then, the content may be rejected, and the staked coins will be confiscated.

It is left to the preference of each marketplace to determine their terms of voting, and the amount of POE tokens that a new content contributor in order to join. For the aim of incentivizing members to accept quality contents only, the more quality the content in a given marketplace is, the higher the value of such marketplace will be. (POE): A Viable Investment Option

Founded on the 8th of August, 2017. has a Market cap of about 24 million dollars, and 3.14 billion coins in circulation according to Coinranking. Let us briefly look into few reasons, why (POE) could actually be a viable and reasonable investment decision.

One of the reasons why might actually be a viable investment decision lies in the fact that the community is well managed. The project has a strong team that is responsible for the localization of its information to the Chinese community. Since China is a very important market, partly due to its high population, a strong presence there is really important. That is exactly what the’s team is striving to achieve with an encouraging level of success.

Apart from the aforementioned, there are indicators at trading level that reveals that is a target of big funds. tokens are highly distributed, largely because it has a set maximum individual investment of 50 thousand dollars. Only a viable token that is able to support such a big market cap, and that is exactly what (POE) is.

Another reason to believe in as a viable crypto investment option lies in the fact that the commercial logic of the project is crystal clear. The team aims to focus on business clients in its initial stages. This makes sense since it is evident that big media and publishers are the ones that are interested in issues relating to copyright protection.

Lastly, has a reference project with the same concept. This reference project is known as Yoyow. They are basically doing the same thing, and its price has been up by more than ten times. It is expected that will follow the same pattern.

Where to Buy (POE)?

Just like many other fledgling cryptocurrencies, (POE) is best bought on the Binance platform. To buy POE coins, it is necessary to have Bitcoins, Ethereum or any other top altcoins. Then, you can effortlessly Purchase POE crypto on Binance.

It is hoped that will maintain the beautiful prospects it has shown in its early days.

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