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Plan To Hardfork XRP Ongoing As Investors Plead Against Ripple Dumping Price of Coin

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Plan To Hardfork XRP Ongoing As Investors Plead Against Ripple Dumping Price of Coin

The stalled growth of XRP in the market has always been a dagger in the heart of its enthusiasts especially investors and they have started voicing their concerns over the pathetic situation with claims that Ripple itself is behind the fall of XRP price.

While different modes of petitions have been put in place to turn the situation of things around for better, a particular enthusiast who seems to be an XRP holder also lamented about the situation, saying if the dire situation persists, he might be forced to hardfork the token for a new beginning.

Known as Crypto Bitlord on twitter, the enthusiast said if the hardfork is done, users interested in the growth of XRP price will no longer need to deal with founders dumping the token.

While urging interested persons to retweet, Bitlord said the hardfork would be a community effort.

hard fork XRP 1

The approach incited by Bitlord divided the community into three. Majority who responded felt it is an excellent idea, others indifferent and the rest perceived it as an imprudent idea that would bring bad luck.

“If you do it with 100% distribution and no founder-reward, I am in. I will provide technical support and liquidity. Ripple is undeniably good tech, the economics just aren’t setup for retail investors,” a user said.

Another user stated: “stop talking and just fucking do it.”

In another statement, Bitlord revealed the details of the new vision of XRP:

-No premine

-No founder tax

-A community loved project

xrp hardfork 2

However, Bilord earlier staged a petition on urging Ripple to end the dumping XRP price and not less than 2,500 persons have seconded the petition on the platform.

“Ripple continue dumping billions of XRP on us, crashing the price!” the petition states.

Previously, Today’s Gazette published that the Ripple’s partnerships with top companies around the world is not helping XRP price in the market due to the contractual terms Ripple offered the companies.

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