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Ontology (ONT) To Soon Get More Adoption Via Stores Accepting Apple Pay And Samsung Pay

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Ontology (ONT) To Soon Get More Adoption Via Stores Accepting Apple Pay And Samsung Pay

A multi-asset blockchain company that stores and verify information and assets today announced that Ontology has joined its ecosystem. However, the blockchain network has got a greater news on the corridor, and the development would likely open it to mass adoption across the globe.

In a fresh developmental update, a UK-based FinTech firm declared that it will soon be adding Ontology to its platform, and this would mean something really big for the cryptocurrency.

The FinTech Company, Zeux, stated that once Ontology (ONT) is added to its wallet, users will be able to use the cryptocurrency as well as make payment in just one click.

An exciting addition envisioned to tower the crypto is that Zeux claimed that via the partnership deal, users will soon be able to use their token in all stores accepting Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

With the dream of bringing seamless crypto payment to everyday life, Zeux will allow users pay convert and transfer the ONT token with no fee as obtained in its policy. Hence, Zeux will make ONT holders see blockchain become part of mainstream as they explore other benefits offered by the company.

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While Ontology blockchain is known for bridging the gap between the business world and blockchain sector, it has been projected that its latest partnership with Zeux will allow more businesses explore the blockchain technology smoothly.

Furthermore, the collaboration will help to open masses, including governments and businesses to crypto usage as people get to use ONT token in their everyday purchases.

While acknowledging the deal, Founder of Ontology Jun Li averred that blockchain is the future and they are working fervently towards becoming the trust layer as they allows businesses and governments participate in the new smart economy.

 “We also need to think about trust and mass adoption — if blockchain is to be the future. This new accessibility for ONT holders will drive adoption and uptake, something I passionately support”, Jun Li stated.

The CEO of Zeux, Frank Zhou in his own statement extolled Ontology as a reputable cryptocurrency leading company and they are happy to partner with them as they possess relative longevity in the industry with established history of success.

“As Zeux aims to bring crypto to everyday life, Ontology aims to bring forward a blockchain automation of trust. As Jun mentioned, to do this we need to think about the masses — and this is where I see our partnership flourishing”, Frank added.

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