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Today’s Gazette remains a credible platform that releases cryptocurrency and blockchain news across the globe as they unfold, and our stream of partners have also helped us enhance our performance as we continue to yen for improvements in satisfying our readers.

Here are some of our current partners:



CoinSpectator is a free cryptocurrency news aggregator that enables traders, investors and enthusiasts to monitor thousands of industry news sources in real-time. With our tool you can quickly act on the latest crypto news, market volatility, investment tips, ICO launches, projects milestones etc.



Coinlib is a website that allows lovers of cryptocurrency keep tab on cryptocurrency prices, news as well as your portfolio’s performance. It offers real-time updates for prices and lots of advanced tools such as alerts, news, compare tool and  detailed info on each coin.



GoCharting is a modern finance oriented web-based platforms that offers the world relevant information about cryptocurrency projects and cryptocurrency exchanges. GoCharting also has financial analytics platform offering top-notch trading and charting experience.

NewsNow is the largest and first home grown independent news aggregation. It has wide coverage ranging from tech, general news, politic and cryptocurrency, among others. It has connection with thousands of reputable publications around the world, and it is fully-automated.

Coinzilla is a finance and crypto dedicated Ad Network established in the year 2016. Coinzilla bridges the connection between advertisers of finance and crypto related projects and advertising platforms. It has connection with over 700 active websites & blogs.

Cointraffic is an automated cryptocurrency ad network that allows owners of projects set-up and manage their campaign easily on hundreds of websites. Cointraffic offers sticky and sliding ads format with advanced HTML5 technology.

With over 5 years in the crypto space, Cointraffic has successfully completed over 4.7k campaigns.

Why You Should Partner With Us

Today’s Gazette stands out among many other platforms in the crypto space. We make our research in a well-mannered pattern that is contradicts the ethic of journalism.

Similarly, within a short range, Today’s Gazette has been able to garner credence from reputable crypto founders. Collaborate with Today’s Gazette and have access to highly exclusive and dedicated network stream.

A Big Thanks To You All

We extend our gratitude to all our partners across the globe for their belief in us, and readers who visit our platform and make us feel importance. Our site is surely reader-oriented and we will always live to satisfy you.

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