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Ontology (ONT) Price Skyrockets Post 100 Million Plus MovieBloc Airdrops Announcement

Ontology (ONT) Price Skyrockets Post 100 Million Plus MovieBloc Airdrops Announcement


Ontology (ONT) Price Skyrockets Post 100 Million Plus MovieBloc Airdrops Announcement

Ontology (ONT) has skyrocketed after the cryptocurrency platform announced an over 100 million MovieBloc airdrop for its community. The airdrop is centered on MovieBloc, a firm that Ontology partnered with early last month.

MovieBloc is a new participant-centered film distribution platform. It aims at reforming the film industry with blockchain technology while also creating an engaging system for all film distribution participants.

MovieBloc is supported by KMPlayer and Pandora TV. KMPlayer has nothing less than 812 million total downloads, 500 million monthly playbacks, and 20 million monthly active users across over 150 countries. KMPlayer is owned by Pandora TV, which was founded in October 2004.

Pandora TV was regarded as the maiden video sharing website in the world to link advertisement to user-submitted video clips.

Ontology (ONT) MovieBloc Airdrops

According to Ontology, the first airdrop is based on joining the MovieBloc official Telegram group. Based on the numbers of individuals in the group at 23:59 April 5th (UTC), group members have the advantage of receiving different amounts of airdrops.

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For example, if the number of members in the group is below 10,000, members have the opportunity to receive 3,000 MBL each.

Also, if the number of people in the group is between 10,000 and 20,000, group members receive 4,000 MBL each. If the number of members in the group is between 20,000 and 25,000, each person in the group receives 5,000 MBL. However, the moment the group members are up to 25,000 or the deadline approaches, the first airdrop ends.

According to Ontology, the second airdrop is meant for Korean users who have registered to Ontology Candy Box. They have the opportunity to receive 1,000 MBL and 7 ONG.

Note that members who earn MBL in the first airdrop are not eligible to participate in the second airdrop.

Meanwhile, the third airdrop are for the first come first serve.  These set of individuals receive 500 MBL each, and the airdrop is to be given to nothing less than 8,000 people.

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Ontology (ONT) Price In The Market

As at the time of writing, Ontology (ONT) Price has increased by close to 3%. With a market cap of $650 million and a 24hr volume of $56 million, Ontology trades around $1.32 and still appears to be ready for more upsurge. The cryptocurrency market is starting to see new price upsurge after the market went bearish for some time now, luckily some certain digital assets like Ontology are also enjoining the progress.

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