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Ontology (ONT) Launches $20K Incentives For DApp Developers

Ontology (ONT) Launches $20K Incentives For DApp Developers


Ontology (ONT) Launches $20K Incentives For DApp Developers

Ontology Network (ONT) recently announced that its dApp intensive models are presently live, which will see dApp holders earn a share of $20,000 in ONG each week.

In the first week of April, HyperDragon Go! was the only winner as it claimed the whole pool of 20,000 US Dollars in ONG. The trend continues this week as the top 5 dApp in activity and daily transaction volume are sharing the same prize.

Also, the top 10 will share a prize pool of $50k in ONG if the number of qualified dApps in the ranking is between 20 and 50.

Moreover, 60 percent dApp transaction fee rebate will be given to developers from April 1st to June 30th, then 50 percent in the following months.

Summary of Ontology dApp Incentives

Early Bird Scheme: 50% dApp transaction fee rebate (60% for the first three months).

Worker Ant Scheme: Rewards for the most active dApps (a share of a 20,000 USD prize pool)

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Angel Investment Scheme: Loans for dApps

Developer Support Scheme: Technical and marketing support for dApps

MovieBloc Partners Ontology (ONT)

MovieBloc, a new film distribution platform that facilitate engagement in research recently announced its partnership with Ontology in Hong Kong. Regarding their agreement, Ontology (ONT) will offer its supports in terms of marketing, capital and infrastructure for the operation of the platform. The project was founded to proffer solution to problems with blockchain technology.

The CEO of MovieBloc, Chris Kang stated that “streaming technology and platform operation experiences from Pandora.tv, the huge active user base of KMPlayer, and Prism’s experience in the AD market are the key strengths of MovieBloc to achieve its vision.”

“With a close partnership with the Ontology Foundation, MovieBloc will bring change to the video industry,” he concludes.

Ontology (ONT) Partners with GoWithMi to Develop Decentralized Location-based Services

Ontology (ONT) is partnering with GoWithMi to develop decentralized location services and digital land rights.

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GoWithMi is a decentralized location service infrastructure that integrates oracles and consensus maps. It specializes in fixing important components needed to convince great businesses all over the world to accept blockchain.

In this partnership, Ontology agreed to offer technical support to GoWithMi, while both parties centre their focus on digitalizing land rights using Ontology public chain. Due to this collaboration, ONT is expected to be added as a means of payment starting from June 2019.

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