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Now You Can Convert Ethereum, ERC 20 Tokens To GBP/EUR Via ATM In UK, EEA (20+ Countries)

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Now You Can Convert Ethereum, ERC 20 Tokens To GBP/EUR Via ATM In UK, EEA (20+ Countries)

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the United Kingdom and The European Economic Area (EEA) comprising over 20 countries can now convert their ERC20 tokens to GBP and EUR via ATM.

The progress is a result of TokenCard and Contis’ partnership that will result in the two issuing Visa cards to crypto enthusiasts in the UK and EEA. Contis is a well-recognised payment, banking and processing provider.

Through the debit cards, cryptocurrency lovers can convert Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens to fiat currency (GBP and EUR). This means they can use the card at ATMs, in stores, online, and anywhere Visa is accepted.

With this new innovation, TokenCard solves the issue of giving crypto enthusiasts instant access to fiat.

TokenCard help users keep their funds in a completely decentralised and ERC-20 favoured smart contract wallet. Those who want the innovation can apply for the card through TokenCard app.

The app help users convert their tokens to fiat (GBP/EUR) which can then be used at ATM, online or offline the same way debit cards are being used. The card is being launched in UK and EEA.

Mel Gelderman, TokenCard CEO who spoke on the development said the company is

“thrilled to be working with Contis and are grateful that they support our mission to realise the value of the emerging token economy – putting it into the pockets of those who are as passionate about Ethereum and its potential as we are.”

Meanwhile, Flavia Alzetta, CEO Contis said,

‘‘Contis are delighted to work with TokenCard to power their innovative card and banking solution, and in doing so delivering a great customer experience.”

The cryptocurrency community is looking for all available methods to drive crypto adoption. This is one of the best way they have been thinking about for so long time. Kudos to TokenCard.

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