Not long After PornHub Integration, NetCents Strengthens Verge (XVG)’s Presence On Shopify

Netcents Verge Xvg

Verge (XVG) enthusiasts have been clamouring for mass adoption, however, NetCents has offered the platform a much more profitable deal with its newly unveiled Shopify Beta Program.

The shopify Beta programme is dedicated to merchants using Shopify. These merchants have the opportunity to now accept cryptocurrency with the NetCents Shopify cryptocurrency shopping cart integration.

In an update by NetCents, the crypto gateway platform indicates that it is in need of merchants who are willing to test the cart integration, giving them the opportunity to accept cryptocurrency as payment option while still receiving fiat.

The program guarantee that merchants receive the full value of their sale less a small transaction fee, thereby removing all possible volatility risks associated with cryptocurrency, NetCents has stated.

The latest programme by NetCents gives Verge (XVG), Tron (TRX) and some other digital asset the opportunity to be used on platforms like Shopify.

PornHub Integrates NetCents Merchant Gateway

Few months back, NetCents announced that it has fully integrated its cryptocurrency payment gateway on PornHub platform, a move said to be orchestrated by MindGeeks, the owner of PornHub and some other adult websites.

When the integration starts to pay off, there is going to be an increasing value of Verge (XVG), Tron (TRX), and some other digital assets.

As we write more than 100 Million daily users of PornHub have access to pay with these digital currencies. Indeed, it is a plus for the cryptocurrency space.


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