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No More Scams: Facebook Has Finally Verified Tron (TRX)’s Account


No More Scams: Facebook Has Finally Verified Tron (TRX)’s Account

Since Bitcoin made a debut into the crypto market back in 2009, the crypto space has been one active industry.

We’ve seen lots of developments in terms of how the blockchain networks work as well as various use cases being brought into the fold. We’ve also witnessed great strides in terms of scalability for networks like Bitcoin.

However, some bad characters have plagued this industry by fraud and cyber crime, tricking unsuspecting victims out of their hard-earned digital possessions.

They’ve Used Tron (TRX)

One thing for a fact is that these bad elements are smart criminals who have mastered the art of manipulation, and one of the latest tricks that they have used involved impersonating popular crypto entities especially on social media and preying on the people’s trust to rip off victims. The Tron (TRX) Foundation has been one of the entities mostly targeted.

Of late, there have been cases where criminals have created fake Facebook accounts and twitter handles and posed as Tron Foundation or as one of the company’s famous people like Justin Sun. With that, they would engage online followers with false promises in a bid to get them to send cryptos to the criminal’s wallet expecting to be compensated handsomely.

Facebook Steps In

After a lot of such cases and complaints from social media users, Facebook has finally verified the official social media account run by the authentic Tron (TRX) Foundation, and that’s something that could potentially save thousands of people from the whims of the crafty fraudsters.

A Facebook-verified account usually has a visible blue tick beside it. That way, everyone can distinguish between the authentic and the fake.

The move comes just as Facebook is planning to launch its own stable coin, signaling the prospect that the company is finally warming up to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Nick James is a cryptocurrency writer and editor with up to a decade in the finance world. He has written for Forbes, Cointelegraph, Ethereum World News, Independent Republic, Zycrypto and many others.

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